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Bob Maxwell

The Diabetic Life Foundation is a non-profit, charitable foundation that is dedicated to helping ALL people in the Las Vegas area that have been diagnosed with diabetes and those who are in the pre-diabetes category. Founder, Bob Maxwell of the Diabetic Life Foundation and one of his daughters has diabetes. The loss of his mother in 2003 due to complications from diabetes exemplifies for all of us the challenges of this disease.

The dedicated and committed staff of the Diabetic Life Foundation are Las Vegas area residents who are experienced professionals in the area of diabetes care, education and non-profit operations.


The Diabetic Life Foundation was developed to meet the needs of ALL people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, regardless of age, sex or socioeconomic status. The Diabetic Life Foundation is a foundation of action that you can count on!

The Diabetic Life Foundation has no intention to stand alone in the fight against diabetes, we are aggressively seeking to develop the strongest TEAM possible by working with other organization here in Las Vegas that are results oriented and are committed from the heart and not just on paper.

The bottom line is that “action speaks louder than words” and by forming a TEAM of Action that produces Positive Results, we can empower our citizens through education, awareness and support, to live a healthier lifestyle and create the opportunity for better quality of life. It is all about working together to make a difference in someone’s life.

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