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Weekly contest winners


Highlights from the "Largest Mixer"


Amie Jo Greer's Anniversary Party



 We are pleased to announce VCO's newest columnist

    Dr. Carole Altman began developing techniques which offers people success without an inordinate investment of time or money. She guarantees, that any of the therapy you choose will offer you the practical and useful tools with which you will begin to enjoy and relish your life, effectively avoid problems, and most especially, learn to love every moment.  


Dr. Carole Altman







Today's TOP THREE Picks for each week’s Pro Football
from one of the most successful sports
investors in the Valley's history.

The "Mouth of Motown"

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    Las Vegas Government
LV Metro Police Dept   Police Officer Safety Suggestions
    A Little Off The Top
Jeff Starr   And that’s the bottom line!
    Politically Speaking
Johnathan Abbinett   Vet's View on the Republicans' Record—No Real Respect!
    Vegas Wishes & Desert Dreams
Robin Leach   Experience the very best of Vegas with the legendary man about town!
Dr. Adele "Z. Z." Zorn   Entertainment Tidbits
    Entertainment Tidbits: The Incomparable Society of Seven

Word Search

  Find 20 words pertaining to Las Vegas History

Steve Dacri

  Magically Vegas
    Rich Little...Unscripted
Rich Little   The Art of Rich Little
    Winning Poker
Tom McEvoy   How to Win at Texas Hold'em
    Bridge Tips from the Master
Fred Hamilton   If you made it..you would win the match
    In This Corner
Pete Allman   Samuel Peter wins WBC Elimination and James Toney Demands a Rematch
    Critic's Corner
Carol Lane Patterson   "Society of Seven & Lani Misalucha"

Weekly Giveaway Winners



The Scintas at the Sahara   Earl Turner at the Palace Station


WINNER  Susan Moore WINNER  Marcia Romano
  Barbra & Frank at the Riviera   Jay White at the Riviera  
More.. More..
WINNER  Del Foley WINNER  Alexis Vespe
Larry G. Jones at Fitzgerald's Pete Barbutti at the 4 Queens
More.. More.
WINNER  Teddy Buttry WINNER  Michael Christensen
Gerry McCambridge at the Stardust
WINNER  Edward Taylorcline

Highlights from the


Thank you to all our Vegas Insiders and friends that stopped by the VCO booth
Jerry Marcellino (Music columnist), Kirsten Searer (Democratic Party), Marleen Marino (Publisher), Jeanne Bavaro (In the Wings), Fred Hamilton (Bridge Tips) and our good friend Bill Acosta   Peter Allman (Entertainment columnist), Marleen, Bill Acosta, Robert Gomez (Latin Chamber of Commerce) and Robert's gorgeous wife Susan
Tom Wilkinson (Vegas 4 Locals) with Marleen   Marleen with Danny Tarkanian (Candidate for Secretary of State) and his beautiful wife Amy
Marleen with Bob Maxwell (Diabetic Life of Las Vegas)   Marleen with Steve Dacri (Magically Vegas)

These are the 3 winners from our drawing for a Free Banner on the VCO website for the month of October

Tim Soldan Stephanie Jordon Linda Rothenberger
Legends in Concert Acupuncture & Chinese Herbs First United Mortgage
 Congratulations Amie Jo Greer on your Anniversary
  Amie Jo airs weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 Noon on KLAV 1230-AM. Her platform consists of success interviews encompassing all areas of life including community, national and global concerns; comedy, travel, relationships restaurant showcasing, and the latest in entertainment news!  
  A GREAT time was had by all!  
  Marleen with Amie Jo Greer   Larry Tyler of (Get up & Go) and Marleen  
  Marleen meets Allen Fawcett   Pete Allman (Celebrity Scene News) with Marleen   
  Watch for Allen on episodes of CSI      
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