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You know John Daly as the host of the internationally syndicated show Real-TV and "House Detective" on HGTV. But John Daly is also a journalist, author, and public speaker. His career spans more than three decades.

John graduated from Providence College in Providence, Rhode Island in 1978 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and the desire to become a writer. After two years in public relations and advertising, John began his news career; first as a newspaper reporter for the Norwich (CT) Bulletin and the New London (CT) Day.

Within a year, John was a television reporter in New Bern, North Carolina at WCTI-TV 12. He embraced the job so enthusiastically that he was arrested for an investigative piece on pay illegally withheld from garment workers. The case against John was dismissed, but the victimized workers received all of their back pay plus damages.

Within eleven months, John was hired at WPRI-TV 12 in Providence, Rhode Island. John covered politics and the economy as well as general assignment stories. It was at WPRI, where John's anchoring talents were discovered and he began anchoring the station's morning newscasts.

During that time, John completed a graduate course at Columbia University in New York City for print journalists moving into broadcast journalism.

Two years later, WFSB TV in Hartford, Connecticut, John's home town, hired him away. John also covered politics and the economy while anchoring the morning and noon newscasts, sometimes working fourteen hours a day.

In 1990, John was then hired by KTNV-TV 13 in Las Vegas as the main anchor and managing editor. John was the newsroom's main journalist overseeing the writing and news content of the station's primary newscasts. Two of the shows won regional Emmy awards and regional Associated Press awards for best newscasts.

Cathy Ray, John's co-anchor says, "John is so solid and well-informed. Whether it was local news or news from Bosnia and Chechnya, I could count on John."

After six years, John made what could be an unprecedented jump from the 68th television market to the national and international spotlight for the role, so far, in which he is best known: Real TV, the all video magazine show, distributed by Paramount Domestic Television. At its height, nearly four million viewers watched John host Real TV each night.

John Johnston, Senior Producer, Real-TV: "John brought credibility to Real-TV. The audience believed him when he told them these videos were, in fact, real."

Besides hosting, narrating and assisting on the writing of the show, John's duties included promoting Real TV across the country and in all English speaking nations with radio, television, and newspaper interviews.

According to Cheri Brownlee, Co-Executive Producer, Real-TV: "John is a regular guy who really enjoys people. He can walk up to people who recognize him from television and have a conversation with them. I can't tell you how much that meant to the success of Real-TV."

Because Paramount signed John to an exclusive contract, he was unable to host any other shows. However, John used his free time to lay the ground work for future writing endeavors. Already with a literature degree, he began self-study on screenwriting and story structure. To develop his writing from an actor's perspective, John also studied acting with the Chekhov Studios in Los Angeles.

John has teamed with screenwriter Eric Snyder to write a screenplay, "Dead in Three Weeks", based on the Binion murder trial in Las Vegas and a sitcom, "Split/Screen", about the life of a porn star trying to escape the adult film industry, which was optioned. John and Eric are developing another sit-com with the final draft due by late 2006.

In 2001, John began Daly Productions, LLC., a business development firm to help new technologies and start-up businesses by using Johnís contacts in entertainment, sports, business and politics. John is currently working with: TraVerus Travel (, an internet travel company; Medsonix, an acoustic wave medical technology that relieves pain and promotes circulation; and Nitrox, a technology that can save vast amounts of water for golf courses and agriculture.

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