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Sergeant Deborah Galan


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Sergeant Deborah Galan was born and raised in San Francisco CA. She have been in the Army Reserves since 1995.  She later joined the 341st MP Co. as an MP out of San Jose. After 9/11 she signed up for active duty with the Army Reserve and in June of 2002 she received orders for her new duty station in Las Vegas with the 355TH Chemical Co. In September of 2007 Deborah received orders to cross-level into the 382nd MP Det. out of San Diego for deployment to Bagram Afghanistan. Sergeant Galan mission in Bagram is to serve as the Personnel Administrator, S1.

Deborah is still stationed in Bagram Afghanistan and will be sharing a story now and then, like the things that she would write home about. She would never want to violate OPSEC (Open Platform for Security.) When Deborah is not serving her country distinguishably, she is a Selena impersonator and works locally as well as around the country. In her personal time she involves herself with goodwill and morale efforts.

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