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Stephen Sorrentino  


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Musical Comedian, Actor, Impressionist, Composer, Musician

Stephen Sorrentino has been doing impressions since the age of 5. It started with family members like funny aunts and uncles and then moved to TV personalities and movie stars. By the sixth grade he was doing “Tonight Shows” in which a friend would do Johnny Carson and young Stephen would portray all the guest stars of the week. These would include Peter Falk, Jerry Lewis, Alfred Hitchcock, Ed Sullivan, Jimmy Stewart and Jackie Gleason to name just a few.

During his high school years, his goals would settle between music and theater. Being the son of a professional singer (mother) and singer/sax player (father), Stephen had learned to play piano, sax, flute and guitar, which would come in handy in his diverse career.

During high school and college, Stephen acted and sang in an array of classic musicals as well as dramas. At this time, Stephen began musical composition and eventually landed a publishing deal with Paramount Pictures and on to two recording contracts as a pop singer/ songwriter. It was at Paramount that Stephen realized that his cousin Bruce in New Jersey whom he had met a few times had actually become The Boss himself, Bruce Springsteen. Paramount thought that as a singer-songwriter, Stephen would be a shoe-in.

Stephen with the
Happiest Mayor in the US
VCO's own Robin Leach with Stephen Wayne Newton and Stephen
After recording contracts and subsequent record releases, Stephen formed a tribute act and eventually was discovered by “Legends in Concert,” which made him the premier Elton John impersonator in Las Vegas, for Walt Disney Corp and eventually, the world.

It was then while Stephen was performing in Atlantic City, NJ, that he was noticed by writer/director Sara Moore. Stephen was cast for his first of 9 film roles, in the cult hit comedy Homo Heights, as a Mafia boss/drag queen, which also stared literary and film icon Quentin Crisp. “I make a frightening woman,” laughed Stephen recently on Sheena Easton’s TV show in Las Vegas.

Stephen has gone on to star in a number of award-winning independent films for Showtime, two sitcoms for FOX and NBC as well as appearances on America’s Most Wanted, 7 Days and the Jimmy Kimmel Show. With appearances on Hollywood Squares, dozens of radio and television talk shows, more than 50 television commercials and being known as a master of quick wit and improv, Stephen has realized his dream of appearing in his own show Voices in My Head. The show has toured across the United States as well as enjoyed successful runs at the Riviera Hotel/ Casino and the Imperial Palace in Las Vegas as well as Atlantic City’s Tropicana and Hilton hotels where he received rave reviews for his 21-cast member “big production show.”

Dana Carvey with Stephen

Stephen is a much sought-after opening act for such superstars as Patti LaBelle, Dennis Miller and Dana Carvey and is a main stay on the Las Vegas Strip. Stephen has 3 times received the distinguished honor of being named “Male Impressionist of the Year” by the International Guild of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Acts (IGCITA).

Sorrentino has recently been working on a sitcom pilot appropriately names “Sorrentino’s,” which revolves around his crazy family business in New York City.

As always, where ever he plays, Stephen’s heart goes out to the elderly, underprivileged children, and animal rights. He is an advocate for tolerance and acceptance of all races, religions and lifestyles and has been getting as Green as possible these days.

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