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T.A.R.G.E.T stands for "Teens At Risk Get Educated Today" was designed to bridge thecommunication gap between adults and youth in a way that no other program today does. In today’s society all teens are at risk of making bad choices and or being affected by the choices of their peer’s regardless of their social, economical, and demographical standing. The program was created by Anthony and Brandon Gallion, twin brothers who at age 16 gained national media attention during the summer of 2003 from the story of the 311 boyz, a teen “party crew” in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our presenters will give teens and their parent’s firsthand knowledge and insight on the effects of poor decision making and the consequences that can follow them for years to come. This is accomplished through personal and unique perspective on the lives, pressures, actions and consequences of being a teenager today such as; peer pressure, boredom, substance abuse, promiscuity, and teen violence from presenters who understand and can speak from real world experiences.

T.A.R.G.E.T’S mission: is to uplift teens that are at risk of damaging their futures or the futures of others by poor decision making. We will encourage them to take a different path as well as make better choices. We want to reach out to parents and teens before they endure similar circumstances to those which have altered our lives and other’s forever… Since the creation of the T.A.R.G.E.T program in 2006 co-founders Anthony and Brandon Gallion have  voluntarily spoken to over 5,000 youth across the community in such forums as schools, churches, juvenile detention and probation as well as over 1,000 parents and educators across the Las Vegas community.…………..

The Gallions vision for the T.A.R.G.E.T programs is to be implemented nationally in schools and youth justice facilities as a program to stop youth violence as well as substance abuse while teaching the youth they encounter to make better choices and help them build their character. They also hope to incorporate other youth “peer to peer” presenters throughout the country who have altered their negative paths are now leading positive and productive lives, and want to share their successes and assist in redirecting the destructive paths that so many youth of today are on and give young people a voice in creating a new future for “youth culture”. 

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Teens At Risk Get Educated Today

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