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Making a Difference "A Future Where People Create and Maintain Their Own Jobs"

Transition Services began in 1998 to assist people in Las Vegas with disabilities in finding meaningful employment in a supportive atmosphere.  At that time, and still true today, the choices in employment for people with disabilities is limited.  The visionary founders recognized the need for a progressive kind of work model, one that offered more choices, and more individualized attention to help people find a better way to connect with their communities and find meaning for themselves.

Transition Services has chosen to provide support in a creative environment where individuals gain a sense of ownership in their work while participating as an important member of a small-business team. Transition Services teaches people real-life skills, quality of performance, community interaction, and professional communication.

Besides the specific work skills training, individuals in all our programs also receive support in basic human rights training, advocating for themselves in their daily lives, social skills training, life skills training, and special interest education.

What started with only a few individuals and big dreams for the future has grown into quality services for over 200 people in the Las Vegas Valley, with several locations incorporating multiple business concepts.

Above and beyond everything we do, we offer people the opportunity to learn and grow by catering our programs to the specific needs, interests, and talents of those we serve.


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