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Mission Statement

The United Family of Dealerships and The Public Education Foundation recognize the severe financial challenges currently facing the Clark County School District during these difficult economic times.

To ensure our students continue to enjoy indispensable educational programs and extracurricular activities, United and the Foundation have created the United Save Our Schools Fund, a grassroots community effort aimed at raising additional dollars for Southern Nevada’s public schools.

The Foundation and United are asking individuals, organizations and businesses in our community who believe in the promise of public education to unite as our partners in this critical cause by supporting the United Save Our Schools Fund.

Our call-to-action is immediate, certain and long-term as the future of our community depends on a strong educational system today.
The time is now to unite for our public schools.

More About Us:

In November of 2008, several meetings were held at two Las Vegas High Schools. The purpose was to inform the public that the Clark County School District would have to cut their budget by 14%. The result of this proposed cut would cause an estimated $120 million shortfall!

The owner of the United Family of Dealerships was out of town during the meetings and in turn sent a representative to see exactly what the CCSD, the public and the students were facing.

Once the owner arrived back into town, he immediately called a meeting to receive the update. As soon as he heard the information regarding how the proposed budget cuts would affect school programs, the loss of teachers and the overall education of students, he knew that this was a “call to action”.

Over that Thanksgiving weekend, The United Family of Dealerships partnered with The Public Education Foundation. The United Family of Dealerships then contacted FOX 5 to air an announcement that every store in the United Family would give several hundred dollars per purchase and an additional donation per test drive. Each store would also have a secure collection box for any money donators wanted to give directly.

FOX 5 also came to United Nissan to air two live reports informing the public how they could help with the United Save Our Schools drive.

Over the Holiday weekend, volunteers including students, parents, teachers and store representatives wore “Save Our Schools” sweaters printed by Monarch Promotions. Informational flyers donated by Dorn Printing were handed out at many of the high traffic shopping malls.

With the help of many contributors and young volunteers, the United Family of Dealerships was able to raise a substantial amount of money and support for the cause.

The United Save Our Schools Fund is a result of hard work and many caring individuals. It has motivated the community and many organizations to link arms and drive the future of our county’s students.

We believe this has the ability to affect every person because our students are the next doctors, nurses, business people and parents. They will shape our individual neighborhoods, communities and cities. Whatever effort is put forward now will result in the success of all.

Thank you,
The United Team

A Continued Quest:

The United Family of Dealerships is still committing funds per every vehicle purchased and for every test drive. We are also keeping our donation boxes available at each of the 5 United locations! For visiting this site you have the privilege of receiving special “United Save Our Schools” pricing on any United vehicle!

Every transaction generated from this site will result in United donating even more to ‘save our schools!’

The Time is Now!

The United Family of Dealerships, The Public Education Foundation and various other contributors have been able to raise this climbing amount on our Donations Gauge. Please help us meet our goal!

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