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June L. Beland


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June was born a middle child with four siblings, two older sisters and two younger brothers in Portland, Maine, and was raised mostly in Manchester, New Hampshire. She lived "on the road" traveling throughout half the United States with her parents, who were well known in the Country Western Music and TV Western era as "Lucky Smith and The Melody Rangers" who performed with all the late greats in Country Music and TV Western Celebrities for 33 years. Being born and raised in the entertainment arena gave here a jumpstart in the entertainment and business industry.

Her ultimate goal was to become a model and that’s exactly what she did, but that was not enough, she had a very good business mind and wanted more then to be known as just a pretty face, she wanted to be respected in the entertainment and business world. After modeling, performing on stage, she decided to become an entrepreneur and opened her fist business venture, her own modeling school and talent agency with credentials from the Post Secondary Education in the state of California, held a talent agency license while serving on many non-profit community and entertainment organizations.

June has 62 years of experience in entertainment, 35 years as a woman entrepreneur, and celebrity book author for 13 years. The last six years she founded the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada (state chamber). She is also the founder of Women In Power©, founder of The Entrepreneur Club©, owner of ABC Publishing© and publisher of Celebrity Registry©. June also belongs to many important organizations and involved with The Whitehouse, National, U.S. and World Chambers, and more…. To read more about June go to Founders Page.


June L. Beland
Founder of the Women's Chamber
Owner of ABC Publishing (31 years)
Owner of
Member of:
The Stirling Club & The Social Registry
Women In Film-Beverly Hills-Lifetime
American Chamber of Commerce
Center for Women's Research
Federation Partner with the U.S. Chamber
U.S. Global Engagement
Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce
National Chamber of Commerce
National Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
World Chamber of Commerce

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