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Gennifer Flowers


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Gennifer Flowers Survives And Thrives

Singer, actress, comedienne, and columnist, Ms. Gennifer Flowers is enjoying her life and following her own advice.  She relishes her personal and professional success and thanks God and the Universe for all of her blessings each and every day. She is strong in the knowledge that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!!


Although, Gennifer enjoyed a brief stint in Las Vegas, the lure of New Orleans took her back to the city in her heart and soul.  Flowers will be performing at various night clubs in the area and plans to announce the new GENNIFER FLOWERS KELSTO CLUB within the year.

Most are not aware that Flowers has a degree in Interior Design and has developed and opened a business in New Orleans called Phases and Stages. 

For more information on Gennifer's singing, speaking and interior design expertise visit her on-line at

One of the features and pleasures in Gennifer's life is doing her advice column here on

With a song in her heart and a positive attitude and a wealth of life's experiences, Flowers is able to help all types of folks with their problems and issues.  Her humorous approach is filled with a poignant message.

To sum up the present and the future for Ms. Flowers, two media sources said it best:

“While her story is known the world over, what everyone has now discovered is that Flowers is immensely talented.” Kenny Live – RTI, Dublin

“Gennifer Flowers: Still blooming after all these years.” La Prensa de Miami

To ask Gennifer a question just write her at [email protected]

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