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Columbus Day is a holiday celebrating the anniversary of the October 12, 1492 arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas. The first Columbus Day celebration was held in 1792, when New York City celebrated the 300th anniversary of his landing in the New World. President Benjamin Harrison called upon the people of the United States to celebrate Columbus Day on the 400th anniversary of the event in 1892. [read more]


Featured Artist

of the Month: October

Tony Curtis


Featured Announcement:
Limited Edition Giclée—A Self Portrait by Frank Sinatra


  Now available for purchase from the Sonny King Estate (Jimmy Durante's partner for 28 years, Las Vegas legend and Hall of Fame recipient). [read more]    


VCO brings the "Battle of the Sexes" to the Friday Football Forecast

"The Mouth of Motown," "The Tout" and Casey Smith pits wits and picks vs. "Mystic Mona" right here every week.


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Column of the week:
Hillary Clinton’s Economic Blueprint for the 21st Century:
Rebuilding the Road to the Middle Class

  Nevada Government
  Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
Berkley Votes to End Abusive Private Debt Collection
Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV) today [October 10, 2007] voted to repeal the use of private debt collection companies to collect Federal income taxes. The House passed H.R. 3056...
[read more]

  Nevada Government
  Nevada Senator Dina Titus
Looking Ahead
I love this time of year. The summer heat is history, presidential candidates are crossing the state and Republican chances for success next year are dwindling faster than my students’ hopes for an easy “A” in Political Science...
[read more]

  Las Vegas Government
  Department of Public Works
Las Vegas Fall Events
See what's happening around town this fall ...
[read more]

  Presidential Candidates
  Senator Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary Clinton’s Economic Blueprint for the 21st Century: Rebuilding the Road to the Middle Class
Today [October 8, 2007], Hillary Clinton laid out a plan to restore America’s middle class. After six and a half years of Bush administration policies...

[read more]

Hillary Clinton’s American Retirement Accounts Plan: A 401(k) Plan For All Americans
Today [October 9, 2007], Hillary Clinton announced a bold new American Retirement Accounts plan with generous matching tax cuts that—alongside her efforts to strengthen defined benefit pension plans...
[read more]

Hillary Clinton’s Innovation Agenda
Today [October 10, 2007], Hillary Clinton laid out innovation policies that will create the jobs of the future, stimulate economic growth, and ensure American leadership in new industries...
[read more]


  Presidential Candidates
  Governor Mitt Romney
Governor Mitt Romney Announces Nevada Romney for President Staff
The public is invited to submit comments on three draft plan elements of the Las Vegas 2020 Master Plan that are scheduled to be considered by the Planning Commission at its Oct. 25, 2007 meeting...
[read more]

  Politically Speaking
  John Daly
GOP Shuns Free Trade? Reality Check
A new survey says 60% of Republicans say free trade has hurt America.
This is really no surprise. Here are a couple of observations.
First, all Americans should be worried about this kind of a reaction...
[read more]

  Monthly Horoscope
  Michele Avanti, CAP
October '07 Horoscope
As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time. Test: is the issue or experience which will test your focus. Key: is a little gemstone...
[read more]

  Publisher's Favorite E-mails

Marleen Marino
What Love Means to a 4 to 8-year-old
Slow down for three minutes to read this. It is so worth it. Touching words from the mouth of babes. A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8-year-olds, “What does love mean?”...
[read more] 



Celebrity Chef Connection
National Chocolate Month
The National Confectioner’s Association has declared the month of October as National Chocolate month and October 28 as National Chocolate Day, so let’s celebrate one of America’s favorite foods... [read more]



Chick Hughes
6 Picks from Chick's Chicks: The Girls of Platinum Modeling!
Six beauties with a bonus... [read more]



Chuck Rounds
Review: LOL with the Scintas
After seven years in Las Vegas, The Scintas are back at the Las Vegas Hilton performing in the same space in which they started, and their show has been retooled... [read more]


  Kid Cary
The Boss Asked Me...: Vinnie Favorito has BIG Meatballs
I wish I had the power to help really talented people get noticed. Vinnie Farorito IS one of those very talented people. In fact, Vinnie Farorito is the best stand-up comic...
[read more]

  Stephen Sorrentino
Voices in My Head: Getting into Character
As a child, what could possibly be more exciting then the thought of Halloween soon approaching. I found myself a few years back in my old neighborhood on Long Island...
[read more]

  Vudu Spellz
Hip Hop Corner: Rihanna’s Intimate Link to Las Vegas
Hip hop artists have always been endorsing people’s products and making them super rich. Hip hop artists have endorsed everything from alcohol to vitamin water. Hip hop artists and there products are...
[read more]


Dr. Adele “Z.Z.” Zorn
Society News: Gala Honors Five Doctors with Humanitarian Awards
The LIONS HEALTHFIRST FOUNDATION honored five prominent Las Vegas doctors with Humanitarian Awards. The gala black-tie banquet was held at the LAS VEGAS HILTON... [read more]



Judy Thorburn
Movie Review: “The Heartbreak Kid”—A Mistake from the Get Go
You know that expression “if it isn’t broken, why fix it?” Well, it certainly applies to the latest film helmed by The Farrelly Bros., who didn’t need to mess with the original 1972 Neil Simon penned flick... [read more]



Nikki Artale
Celebrity News: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superhero!
In a child’s mind their parents are their heroes and they are number one and the most important person in their lives. Suddenly they become famous and they become everyone’s hero... [read more]


  The Vegas Eye

The Vegas Eye
Eye Spy from October 8, 2007
Thursday night at TAO Las Vegas was the Platinum Party hosted by Lil’ Jon in celebration of TAO promoter Brandon Roque’s birthday... [read more]


  Our Diverse Community

Nevada Holistic Chamber of Commerce
New Office for NV Holistic Chamber and Grand Opening Announcement
Nevada Holistic Chamber is excited to annouce that we now have an office and will be officially open on Nov. 1st!... [read more]


  Feng Shui Tips

Consy Malasoma
Feng Shui in the Office
If you are fortunate to have a private office space or a separate room in your home for your office then these principles will be helpful. First, it is very important that your desk be in a “power” position... [read more]


  VCO Publisher

Marleen Marino
The Ultimate Girl’s Night Out
The Chippendales are advertised as the “Ultimate Girl’s Night Out,” and let me tell you, they are not kidding! Two gal pals and myself witnessed the 2000th performance of the Chippendales Saturday night... [read more]

Try Netflix for Free!



Open House at the “Hammargren Home of Nevada History”


Sunday, October 28 1–5 p.m.
Admission Is Free
[read more]


Siegfried & Roy Team Up with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department




Magicians of the century Siegfried and Roy, team up with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in support of the 17th Annual K-9 Trials at the Orleans Arena. This international event is the largest benefit for the Friends for Las Vegas Police K-9s. ...
[read more]


I-Am Youth Program



Meet the I-AM YOUTH, at
Wal-Mart (Spring Mountain & Rainbow), 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m., Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 12 & 13
[read more]





HAWAIIAN TROPIC ZONE, soon to be Las Vegas’ quintessential dining and nightlife experience, will hold a series of open casting calls Monday through Friday, Oct. 22–26 and again Oct. 29–Nov. 2 at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. [read more]


NHRA Drivers Ante Up For Speedway Children’s Charities
At Annual Poker Tournament


The LAS VEGAS Chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities will hold its fourth annual “Cards for Kids” Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Cannery Hotel & Casino. The charity event will kick off the NHRA ACDelco Las Vegas Nationals at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
[read more]


Grand Giveaway



  Two sets of tickets for 2 to see Wayne Brady at the Venetian Hotel & Casino  each set of tickets valued at $196 a set.  


  Get Up and Go’s own Larry Tyler is proud to sponsor a 4 day/3 night stay at one of 28 destinations including... Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego, San Francisco, Anaheim or Oceanside, California to name a few.
$1,011 value.
  Two sets of "Dinner for 2" at the fabulous Envy Steakhouse.
set of dinners a $150 value.

Weekly Giveaway


Legends in Concert
at the Imperial Palace

WINNER Duane Fox

Barbra & Frank
at the Riviera 

WINNER Natasha Coady

Jay White
at the Riviera

WINNER Tom Justin

Bobby Slayton
at Hooters

WINNER Lily Kwan

Trent Carlini
at the Sahara

WINNER Henry Wood

Liberace Museum

WINNER Cindy Lassin

Country Superstars
at Fitzgerald's

WINNER Rita Morano

The Scintas
at the Las Vegas Hilton

WINNER Jeffrey Rose

Tim Gabrielson
at the House of Blues

WINNER Marsha Lucash

Larry G. Jones
at Fitzgerald's

WINNER Philippe Kopriwa

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