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Tony Curtis



I thank Vegas Community Online for inviting me to engage in their website.  It has been a privilege to let the community know a little more about me.

Vegas Community Online is a fast growing source of information and I wish it much success.  It has really grown over the last several months

We love you Vegas Community Online. Best Regards, Rich Little

Rich Little


“I’m celebrating my 41st year in Show business and began working here in 1970. I travel about 150,000 miles a year, all over the world and there is NO place on the planet like Las Vegas. Finally, a website that puts ALL of Las Vegas in one place. Good for you Marleen!”. Bill Acosta



Bill Acosta



"VCO should be very proud of what they have achieved. It is different and will go on to serve a very valuable purpose here in the Vegas valley.

Congratulations and good luck, keep up the good work and best wishes for much success." 

Cheers—Robin Leach

Robin Leach


"It's very hard to find the pulse in a community like Las Vegas. The world's perception of our wonderful town is one thing, but the real Las Vegas has a huge heart and gentle soul.  Vegas Community Online captures that tremendous heart and soul like no other medium can.  VCO depicts the real Las Vegas through the real Las Vegans.  If you want to get inside Vegas, you've got to check out Vegas Community Online every day!!  Casey Smith, News Anchor



Casey Smith

  "If your not reading Marleen Marino's Vegas Community Online then you must be goofy. I mean Nate Tannenbaum and Tony Sacca read it! So what are you doing with all that time your saving by not keeping up with what's new and exciting in Las Vegas anyway? And why do I care? Heck I read VCO so much my eyes are starting to bleed. But I know it all now. So that's nice." Tom Wilkinson, Founder/President
Tom Wilkinson  


“Vegas Community Online is the very first Las Vegas website bringing together ALL of Las Vegas: The politicians (of all parties), major entertainers, top entertainment insiders, artists, and everyone else who makes Las Vegas the most incredible place on the planet.  If you want to find out the complete range of all that is hot and happening in Las Vegas, you must make it a point to visit Vegas Community often. Keep up the great work. I check in and enjoy the site.


Ted Newkirk, CEO    

  Ted Newkirk
  "Although I work for a tourist magazine, I AM a local and Vegas Community Online is one of my sources that keeps me in touch! Great info!!  Barry Berlin

Formerly with What's On Magazine


As a long-time entertainment columnist, I often find myself checking out various sources of information at VCO...It is quite informative...Norm Johnson



Norm Johnson

  "The VCO website just keeps getting better and better!"

Nate Tannenbaum, Las Vegas Weatherman

Nate Tannenbaum  

"A very impressive site for a very impressive city… Just what Las Vegas needs in a website."

Maryann Guberman Gamblers Book Shop


Gambler's Book Shop


Gamblers Book Shop

  "The great thing about the Internet today and places like Vegas Community Online, it connects you to so many experts that creating your own mastermind is just a few clicks away!" - John Daly
John Daly    

If you really want to know what is happening here in Las Vegas, then you have to check out the "Vegas Community Online" website.

VCO has done a fantastic job of developing a large family of celebrities and movers & shakers within our community to bring you the latest and greatest information on our fabulous community.

The information just keeps getting better and better.  Great job guys, keep up the good work!
 CEO  Diabetic Life Foundation



 Bob Maxwell


This website is getting better and better ...and better every month. Indeed, the community has come together within this site. I have lived and have been in business in Vegas for over 20 years but have never found a more interesting source of information than what the Vegas Community Online Website has to offer today.  Kudos to all of you. Bea Fogelman, Founder  Entertainment Network

Bea Fogelman   

I ask everyone that visits my boutique how they find out about us. The quality clientele that learn about Jazzee's from VCO convinces me that my advertising dollars are being well spent.

If you're not advertising with VCO, you're missing the boat!

Jazzee Boutique



VCO is very informative because of it’s genre of writers ranging from politics to entertainment to charitable organizations and more. It is truly a great multi-media site to be enjoyed by all...

Celebrity Scene News

Pete Allman


Click  to see & hear Congressman Jon Porter









  Jon Porter
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