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In the United States, Independence Day is a federal holiday commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, picnics, baseball games, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States, but is often also viewed as simply a summer festival, apart from its patriotic overtones. Independence Day fireworks are often accompanied by patriotic songs such as the national anthem ("The Star-Spangled Banner"), "God Bless America", "America the Beautiful", "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", "This Land Is Your Land", "Stars and Stripes Forever", and, regionally, "Yankee Doodle" in northeastern states and "Dixie" in southern states.  See more info HERE



Featured Artist

for the Month: July

Louie Anderson


Featured Announcement:

Some Things to do on the 4th


VCO is proud to Welcome Our Newest Columnist

Gerry McCambridge

Described as having the "Most Mind Boggling Show in Las Vegas," Gerry McCambridge not only makes you laugh, but also amazes his audience by reading their minds! For years Gerry was known as the "Mentalist to the Stars" performing at Ultra private celebrity A-List parties and at comedy clubs across the country. In his 70 minute Las Vegas show, Gerry will perform audience favorites from his NBC Prime-time special as well as never before seen amazing mind-bending mentalism routines. Gerry will now bring his Mind Boggling energy to VCO.



VCO is delighted to Welcome Our Newest Columnist

Healthy Water Connection

At Healthy Water Connection, we take a holistic approach toward overall health. Our mission is to educate the average consumer on the healthier alternatives available. Our company prides itself on providing the best quality products in the marketplace today. We know how important water quality, air quality, regular detoxification, whole food nutrients, and botanically based skin and personal care products are to our health.


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Columns of the Week:

Our Honored Dead – NOT Just Numbers!


  Nevada Government       
  Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons
Weekly Update
  Governor Jim Gibbons signed emergency regulations implementing his tax amnesty program, an effort to bring additional revenue into the state during this difficult economic time..........

  Nevada Government           
  Senator John Ensign
Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Second Amendment Rights
Senator John Ensign commented on the Supreme Court’s decision upholding an individual’s Second Amendment right to bear arms and ruling the D.C. gun ban unconstitutional......
You Too
Can Help Our

  Nevada Government            
  Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
  Weekly Update

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley praised the enactment of a new GI Bill for America’s troops serving since 9/11.  The legislation, which Berkley voted to pass, was signed by the President this morning....


  Nevada Government            
  Department of Business and Industry
Division of Mortgage Lending Issues Guidance
The Nevada Division of Mortgage Lending (MLD) issued guidance, effective July 1, for State-licensed mortgage brokers and mortgage bankers regarding the risks associated with non-traditional mortgage products.......

  City of North Las Vegas           
  Fiori Named Planning & Zoning Director
City Manager Gregory E. Rose has announced that Frank Fiori was named director of the North Las Vegas Planning and Zoning Department, effective Monday, June 30......

  City of Henderson       
  Henderson to Host Fourth of July Celebrations
The Anthem Hills Park event will feature live music hosted by Smooth Jazz 105.7, The Oasis and a fireworks display at 9 p.m......
Visit VCO's
For Updates

  Presidential Candidates           
  Barack Obama      
  Senator Barack Obama Energy Plan  Video included

Foreign Oil: America's 20-million-barrel-a-day oil habit costs our economy $1.4 billion a day, and $500 billion in 2006 alone. Every single hour, we spend $41 million on foreign oil....


  Presidential Candidates           
  John McCain
Senator John McCain Energy Plan  Video included
Our nation's future security and prosperity depends on the next President making the hard choices that will break our nation's strategic dependence on foreign sources of energy and will ensure our economic prosperity by meeting tomorrow's demands for a clean portfolio.........

Politically Speaking                  
  John Daly
Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic   Crossover
There are only a few great celebrity charity golf events. Sure, there's the American Century event at Lake Tahoe. I've never played, but from watching it on TV and hearing from friends who have played in it, it is truly top of the line......


  Politically Speaking                      
  Karen Jill Benzer
"Who Took Geronimo's Head?"
The great warrior chief, called Geronimo, was laid to rest in 1909 at Fort Still, Oklahoma.  Nine years later our current "commander and chief's" Grandpappy, Preston Bush, was stationed there.  As wide spread legend and probable truth has it, Preston Bush and other "SKULL AND BONES" members pried open..........


  Politically Speaking                         
  Johnathan L. Abbinett
Our Honored Dead – NOT Just Numbers!
I’d like to demonstrate minimal due dignity and list some personal information.  It is far more than heartbreaking; it is disrespectful, when the media, or any official, or elected political representatives, only refer to our dead, generally, or numerically.......

  Monthly Horoscope           
  Michele Avanti, CAP              
July '08 Horoscope
              2008 Astrological Outlook

How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time....



  Notes from Norm                  
  Norm Clarke
Weekly Wrap-Up 6-28-08 - 7-04-08
Pop-music icon Don Kirshner is in talks with several Strip properties about a major Las Vegas project involving a new twist to entertainment.........

  Vegas Wishes & Desert Dreams     
  Robin Leach
Weekly Wishes and Dreams
Less than two months after paying off a $400,000 marker to the Wynn hotel that he’d “forgotten about,” NBA star Charles Barkley said he’d give up gambling in Vegas for the next couple of years. Now he’s breaking the promise, but it’s so he can donate his winnings to good pal, actor Don Cheadle.......

  The Mentalist                           
  Gerry McCambridge
  Dreams Can Indeed Come True
I came out to Las Vegas in July 2005 on a 12 show, three week contract. Now I am approaching my 3rd year headlining in the town, with 500th performances under my belt....

  Publisher's Favorite E-mails      
  Marleen Marino
  The Only Flag That Doesn't Fly
Between the fields where the flag is planted, there are 9+ miles of flower fields that go all the way to the ocean. The flowers are grown by seed companies. It's a beautiful place, close to Vandenberg AFB.......


  Jackie Brett
  Brett's Vegas View 07-04-08

T&T (Tacos & Tequila) will be a highly stylized, 8,000-square-foot restaurant with a high-energy vibe and flavorful menu that will open in late August at the Luxor.......



Victoria Alexander
Viewpoint on Vegas: July 4, 2008

The Amazing Kreskin & The Great Buck Howard, Wanted, Messengers of Deception, The Love Guru Bombs, and more…


  Kid Cary
Take Me Out to the Ballgame
Last Monday was a great day, my buddy Howie and I went to the ball game.  But isn’t any day at the ballgame a great day?  The Las Vegas Stars are now called The Las Vegas 51’s, but they are soon to be called something else....


Celebrity Chef Connection 
The Stirling Club
This week, I have focused on a different aspect of food and drink and that is enjoying events at a country club.  First, I must admit that when I speak of a country club, people usually ask me is it a country club with cowboys or country club for rich people?..



Pete Allman
My Caribbean Travels: Rich, Vibrant and Amazing
Of all the places I visited in the Caribbean, Ocho Rios and Cozumel topped the favorites. From Falls at Ocho Rios to the home-style locals’ eating spot — Ocho Rios Village Jerk Centre — for tasty, spicy jerk chicken....


  Adele "Z. Z." Zorn              

Entertainment Tidbits - July 2008 


I attended the JAZZ in the PARK series with Woody Woods and his 18-piece orchestra with vocalists Kathleen ‘Kat’ Ray and Sophia Lelis.  The impressively large audience was thrilled with the performances. Produced by the Clark County Parks and Recreation Department, and co-sponsored by the Las Vegas Jazz Society.....



Chuck Rounds                    
Las Vegas Entertainment News July 2008
July is the hottest month of the year...brace yourself. 110 - 115 degrees is normal right now, and 120 is not out of the question---and even though we are proud that it's a "dry" heat, at this point it's just plain hot.......


  Chick Hughes
  This weeks Picks for Chick's Chicks
  See Chick with some gorgeous gals....


Liberace Foundation
Notes from the President
Three things stand out for me from June. First, I had the wonderful pleasure of visiting “Casa de Liberace” or “Casa de los Cloisters,” Liberace’s home in Palm Springs, CA. My most gracious host was Stefan Hemming who has owned the home since purchasing it from the Liberace estate in 1990.....



Your Latest Feedback! 


Next Year in Jerusalem  


Be Very Careful Who You Vote For

  The Rind

  Pet of the Week             

Nevada SPCA 
Pet of the Week - July 4th
This week's Pet of the Week..


  The Vegas Eye                 
  The Vegas Eye
The Latest From the EYE
In a city where itty-bitty bikinis are standard summer attire, you’re bound to have seen women who have mistaken an oddly-orange hue for a golden brown tan. The culprit? The carrot....

  Our Diverse Community         

Las Vegas LaVoce

  William Paca and Philip Mazzei
It is people like this that helped shape our beautiful nation and it is Italians like these two men that allow us to be so proud of our history, culture and traditions...

  Our Diverse Community             

Las Vegas Kabbalah Centre
Monthly Insight
There is so much pain and suffering all around me. People in my life, people in my community, people on TV. It's so overwhelming. I want to help people but I have no idea how....


  Our Diverse Community          

Young Israel-Aish
Who do you hang out with?


Rabbi Wyne gives insight on the being good to each other.....



Ms. Poker                             
  Susie Isaacs
  The WSOP Versus All the Others

I love the World Series of Poker. I have had dreams come true at the WSOP and I have had some of the greatest poker disappointments in my life happen at the WSOP.....


The Best of "the Coach's" Poker       
  Bob "The Coach" Ciaffone
  Awkward Stack Sizes

No-limit hold'em players are well aware of the strong influence that stack size has on betting. Any problem posed in regard to your decision of how to play a hand needs to specify your stack size and your opponent's.....




 VCO's own Stephen Sorrentino performs a "Tribute to Elton"

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Doors Open at 7:30pm   |  Showtime: 8pm
General Admission - $10 each (includes tax)
Reserved Booth Seat- $15 (includes tax)


Giver Needs To Receive

Fundraiser for Dusty Buckel, LV resident for over 29 yrs., past president of Commercial Marketing Group (commercial realtors and affiliates in Las Vegas.)   She was a Youth Minister that worked with teens for 11 yrs and held as safe space for them to experience their own magnificense which changed their lives.  Ordained Minister, known as Rev. Dusty.
Dusty needs medical treatments for Stage IV Cancer of the Lymph Nodes in her neck and right shoulder and under arm.  She needs to get to her doctor in Tijuana where they can save her life with "Intelligent Medicine".
Learn more HERE


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Grand Giveaway


The Grand Prize Winners are:


Two tickets to see


Barry Manilow


"Music and Passion Concert"




Marty Mahoney




at the Las Vegas Hilton


Get Up and Go’s own Larry Tyler is proud to sponsor a

Hawaii Island Hopper Holiday


Nick Fitzenreider

 5 days and 4 nights in a tropical, Hawaiian paradise  , with the added flexibility of seven-day check in

A $1,160 value.

(airfare not included)

  "Dinner for 2" at Benihana   

Michael Buckley 

  "Dinner for 2" at TJ's Steakhouse    

Marilyn Giglio

  at the Las Vegas Hilton  

Weekly Giveaway

Legends in Concert
at the Imperial Palace
WINNER Janice Cofield

The Scintas

at the Las Vegas Hilton

WINNER  Robin Pyne


Jay White

at the Riviera

WINNER Bethany Showell

Bobby Slayton
at Hooters
WINNER Michele Jakus

Gerry McCambridge
at Hooters
WINNER Judy Sutton

Barbra & Frank
at the Riviera 
WINNER Alfred Ramirez

Country Superstars
at Fitzgerald's
WINNER Mayola Luster

Defending the Caveman
 at the Golden Nugget
WINNER Phree Bartley
“Beatles Tribute:
 4 Lads from Liverpool”
 at the Four Queens
WINNER Dennis Morrison
Liberace Museum
Located in the Liberace Plaza
WINNER Adrienne Logan

The Soprano's Last Supper
at the Riviera 
WINNER Katherine Ahching    


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