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Christmas also referred to as Christmas Day or Christmastide, is an annual holiday celebrated on December 25 that marks and honors the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. December 25 is not thought to be Jesus' actual date of birth, and the date may have been chosen to correspond with either a Roman festival or with the winter solstice.  Modern customs of the holiday include gift-giving, church celebrations, and the display of various decorations—including the Christmas tree, lights, mistletoe, nativity scenes and holly. Santa Claus (also referred to as Father Christmas, although the two figures have different origins) is a popular mythological figure often associated with bringing gifts at Christmas. Christmas is celebrated throughout the Christian population, but is also celebrated by many non-Christians as a secular, cultural festival. The holiday is widely celebrated around the world, including in the United States, where it is celebrated by 96% of the population.  Because gift-giving and several other aspects of the holiday involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, Christmas has become a major event for many retailers.










Featured Artist

for the Month of December

Jay White








Featured Announcement

Hanukkah Begins Sunday 12-21-08 Sundown

Hanukkah or Chanukah, also known as the Festival of Lights, is an eight-day Jewish holiday commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt of the 2nd century BCE. Hanukkah is observed for eight nights, starting on the 25th day of Kislev according to the Hebrew calendar, and may occur from late November to late December on the Gregorian calendar.  The festival is observed by the kindling of the lights of a special candelabrum, the Menorah or Hanukiah, one light on each night of the holiday, progressing to eight on the final night. An extra light called a shamash, (Hebrew: "guard" or "servant") is also lit each night, and is given a distinct location, usually higher or lower than the others. The purpose of the extra light is to adhere to the prohibition, specified in the Talmud (Tracate Shabbat 21b-23a), against using the Hanukkah lights for anything other than publicizing and meditating on the Hanukkah story. (The shamash is used to light the other lights.) In 2008 Hanukkah begins at sundown on December 21 and ends at nightfall on Monday December 29. 

See Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song

Special Christmas Bonus




For the COOLEST version of 

"White Christmas"


This version features Bill Pinkney on bass and Clyde McPhatter on tenor. The 1954 classic Drifters tune was used in the movies "Home Alone" & the "Santa Clause.





This week's "Friday Football Forecast"


"The Beauties vs. The Beasts"


Click HERE for Week 16 of the 2008 NFL season

Mystic Mona
Casey Smith  
"The Tout"  
"Mouth of Motown"  

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December 19th Featured Co-columns:

Looking Within

Don't Cancel Christmas!
New Media Trend: The Financial Perp Walk

  Nevada Government                   
  Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons
Governor Leading Effort To Keep People In Their Homes

Governor Jim Gibbons poke with leaders of several major banks and mortgage lending companies to try to halt the epidemic of home foreclosures in Nevada. Governor Gibbons wants the lenders to implement a 90-day freeze on home foreclosures in Nevada.......



  Nevada Government             

Senator Harry Reid
Reid Introduces Blue Ribbon Panel On Renewable Energy
Senator joins group for panel discussion on Nevada’s leadership in a clean energy future........

You Too
Can Help Our

  Nevada Government                   

Senator John Ensign
Tarp Option Undercuts Negotiations
Ensign led efforts in the Senate this week to stop the White House-Democrat auto bailout legislation because it took experts out of the process, injected politics and failed to require the necessary changes to make the Big 3 auto companies competitive over the long term.......



  City of North Las Vegas               
  13th Annual North Las Vegas State of The City

Please join Mayor Montandon as he delivers his 2009 State of the City Address.  The event also will feature comments by City Manager Gregory Rose and the North Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board John Wilson.  For the 10th consecutive year, Mitch Fox, will serve as Master of Ceremonies. ......



Politically Speaking                    

John Daly
New Media Trend: The Financial Perp Walk
This is a posting to warn you that the financial tsunami is not here yet. I base my findings on the Madoff scandal, some conversations with developers on the Las Vegas Strip, and a recent 60 Minutes story that has the banking community buzzing....

  Blago And Me! Geez
  The latest embarrassment for me has been the number of emails and phone calls from people who think I resemble the embattled and ethically-challenged Illinois Governor.....
  I’m Guest Hosting on Talk Radio
  This is a posting that you will see a few times.  I want to remind folks that I will be on KDWN Radio 720 AM in Las Vegas and also at  The dates are December 22, 23, 29, and 30 at 8 am to 10 am Pacific time.....

  Politically Speaking                           
  Democratic Party    
Yes We Cans!
As the party that has promised to stand up for working families and those who are suffering from home foreclosures, and the economic downturn, I am asking you all to step up this week and take part in the Nevada Democratic Party’s Holiday Food Drive, “Yes We Cans!”....



  Politically Speaking                

Reform Party
Too Big to Fail
Latest info I've heard concerning the auto maker bail out is, GM CEO Wagoner has reversed his previous rejection on bankruptcy, and is gathering legal talent in preparation of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing.......

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  Monthly Horoscope                      
  Michele Avanti, CAP              
December '08 Horoscope            

How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time....



  Notes from Norm                      
  Norm Clarke
Weekly Wrap-Up 12-13-08 - 12-19-08
Hotel developer Steve Wynn, confident he's sitting on the next big thing, has a response for an archrival's proclamation that the Wynn era was over. Back in January, fellow gaming giant Sheldon Adelson, then the third-richest man in America with a $28 billion fortune, said Wynn's time "has come and gone"......
 Get tickets for premium and sold-out events

  Vegas Wishes & Desert Dreams  
  Robin Leach
Weekly Wishes and Dreams

In his real voice, comedy-singing-ventriloquist Terry Fator reveals secrets about his new Mirage show opening on Valentines day! Exclusive interview.....




  An Imperial Life                 
  Little Anthony
  This & That

My daughter called me while I was out doing some errands and asked me what the weather in Las Vegas was like. I told her it was snowing and the temp was about 37 degrees. She couldn’t believe it because like a lot of people across the country they believe Las Vegas is in a constant state of “hot, hot, hot” temps......


  Voices In My Head             

Stephen Sorrentino
Looking Within
As we grow older memories and senses seem to fade. Is this simply time passing and replacing parts of old precious memories with newer less meaningful ones?......



  Publisher's Favorite E-mails    
  Marleen Marino

A Beautiful World
A few photos that show the beauty around us.......

  Art in the Eye of a Needle    Bonus Column
  This man can't read or write but he can carve out the Statue of Liberty inside the eye of a needle.....

  Jackie Brett
  Brett's Vegas View 12-19-08

What’s better than a romantic restaurant with a breathtaking view of the city?  Carmine’s On The Hill located about 14 miles from the Strip in Henderson delivers the goods along with Italian dishes, fresh seafood and delectable desserts at affordable prices............




Victoria Alexander

Week of December 19, 2008                             

Movies This Week, “Twilight” and “The Reader”, National Geographic Channel’s “Devil’s Bible”, Director Dropped from “Twilight” Sequel, and more.....



Tom Jones International
The Sunday Night Project
When Tom was on Graham Norton’s TV show a few weeks ago, the other guest, comedian Alan Carr, was hilarious. Hopefully, he’ll tour outside of the UK. Anyway, last night, Tom hosted Carr’s show, The Sunday Night Project. Along with Carr, the constant presence in the show is Justin Lee Collins....



Pete Allman
T. Fox Returns ‘Spirit ’ to the Las Vegas Strip
“The Spirit of the Strip” is back! T. Fox, showman extraordinaire, is back performing his one-man show on the Las Vegas Strip at Trader Vic’s, taking audiences on a musical journey from the sounds of Sinatra, through Motown to the hip sounds of today…….....

  Amlee Gourmet’s Atmosphere and Great Food

Not far from the Las Vegas Strip, in the Green Valley, Henderson area is a family legacy restaurant called Amlee Gourmet. Excellent food, top-notch service and affordable prices make it ideal for families, business functions and more…  



Celebrity Chef Connection
Holiday Dining Ideas
It is the holiday season and a time for dining with family and friends.  While there are many choices of where to dine in Southern Nevada.....

  The Mirage Volcano Erupts Again        Bonus Colum             

When the Mirage first unveiled The Volcano in 1989, millions of tourists and locals would walk or drive by just to see The Volcano erupt and marvel at its design.  It is truly an icon of Las Vegas...


  Chick Hughes 
  Chick Goes to "Sapphire's" 6th Anniversary Party!
  See Chick with some gorgeous gals,....

  Report on Vegas

Michael Politz
The EYE on Vegas has evolved into Report on Vegas
If We Don't Evolve, We're in Danger of Becoming Cheerleaders.  At this point we are changing our format and even our name we are opening up our forum to more restaurant and show reviews. ....


  Pet of the Week                       

Nevada SPCA 
Pet of the Week - December 19th
This week's Pet of the Week..



Your Latest Feedback!


Christmas Came Early for the Anti-Semite

  A Different Christmas Poem

Major flaw revealed in Internet Explorer; users urged to switch


  Poems, Odes and More     

I Want to Celebrate Christmas Lord

  Poem submitted

  Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary      

Jill Curtis
Our Newest Arrival!
OUR NEW ARRIVAL! What is it?....


  Lovin Life After 50               

Check The Vital Facts About Continuing Care Communities
Those who have retired to a Sun City like-community and have lived there for several years begin to look for a different type of community - one which will have supportive services if and when they are needed........


  Opportunity Village     

2008 Las Vegas Great Santa Run
Magicians of The Century encourage runners to participate in the 5K race and sign up with Team Siegfried & Roy.....


  A Woman's Point of View                

Cjay Judd
This week
Jesse Jackson Jr. worked with Feds on prior Blagojevich case and Caroline Kennedy to Seek Clinton’s Senate Seat......


  Sierra Club            

Up-Coming Events
Two up-coming meeting for the Southern Nevada Sierra Club......


  Our Diverse Community                        

Las Vegas LaVoce


Families Are What You Make Them
The weather is cooling down (which means it’s in the 80s here in Las Vegas), and Americans everywhere are making plans for Thanksgiving ...


  Our Diverse Community           

Las Vegas Kabbalah Centre
Weekly Insight
The question is, do we extend it to others? Or better yet, do we extend it when it's difficult for us? When we are consistent in our love and mercy, thinking only of improving someone else's life, the Light will be there for us......


  Our Diverse Community            

Young Israel-Aish


Rabbi Wyne talks about the meaning of Chanukah and Annual Chanukah Celebration.......




  Nevada Cancer Institute
Nevadans Encouraged to Join Grassroots Movement

Nevada Cancer Institute (NVCI) launched the next phase of its awareness campaign – the Fight Here Network. The goal of this grassroots advocacy network is to increase cancer awareness in the community by connecting likeminded individuals fighting for a greater cause.....



Ms. Poker                                      
  Susie Isaacs
  Don't Cancel Christmas!

'Tis the season not to be spending a lot of money, but don't cancel Christmas! I have some great ideas for you from friends of mine......


The Best of "the Coach's" Poker             
  Bob "The Coach" Ciaffone
  Action Out of Turn

When I was playing poker in Vegas during the early '80s, an action out of turn was nullified, with no penalty involved. In most enlightened cardrooms these days, there are prescribed penalties for acting out of turn, often requiring the person to take the same action when the betting reaches him........




Barack Obama DVD

Click Graphic above to learn more Click Graphic above to learn more


Dusty asks: Can you donate something?

I really need you to contact me.  I have 182 children in downtown Las Vegas needing a gift for Christmas.  OR, if you can donate something, maybe a bed, blankets, pillows, kitchen stuff for single mom's starting out on their own with the kids, call me.

If you watched TV8 this Monday 15th, you'd learn more about Secret Santa.   It is a Non-Profit organization to stay in place and continue this much needed work, long after I am gone.

BE THE DIFFERENCE you choose to see in the world. 

41 families are in need of YOU.  Be a Secret Santa.  I have attached a flyer explaining how you can participate.

I know times are less than fruitful for most, right now, but just look in your storage, or through stuff you don't need or use. Got a guitar??  I've got the kids asking for one.  How about a scooter or bike? 

Learn more HERE or call me at 702-812-1209


Winter Solstice Meditations



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Grand Giveaway


Two sets of tickets for two


to see Barry Manilow


"Music and Passion Concert"




at the Las Vegas Hilton


Get Up and Go’s own Larry Tyler


is proud to sponsor a


Hawaii Island Hopper Holiday


 5 days and 4 nights in a tropical, Hawaiian paradise , with the added flexibility of seven-day check in


A $1,160 value. (airfare not included)

  St. Thomas Island Hopper  
  5 Days and 4 Night
7- Day a week arrivals
A $782 Value
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Two sets of  "Dinner for 2"
  at Benihana   
  Two sets of " Dinner for 2"  
   at TJ's Steakhouse   
  at the Las Vegas Hilton  

Weekly Giveaway

Legends in Concert
at the Imperial Palace


Debra Frost  

The Scintas

at the Las Vegas Hilton



David Dodd


Jay White

at the Riviera

De Bergala

Bobby Slayton
at Hooters
Toni Grant

Gerry McCambridge
at Hooters
Youssef Shoushanian

Barbra & Frank
at the Riviera 
Tom Justin

Country Superstars
at Fitzgerald's
Tim Arnold

The Soprano's Last Supper
at the Riviera 
Terry Barone
Larry J. Jones
at the Royal Resort Hotel
Tec Lure
Liberace Museum
Located in the Liberace Plaza
Wayne Saunders

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