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Each year, the entertainment community and film fans around the world turn their attention to the Academy Awards. Interest and anticipation builds to a fevered pitch leading up to the Oscar telecast in February, when hundreds of millions of movie lovers tune in to watch the glamorous ceremony and learn who will receive the highest honors in filmmaking.  The Oscars reward the previous year’s greatest cinema achievements as determined by some of the world’s most accomplished motion picture artists and professionals. The Academy’s roughly 6,000 members vote for the Oscars using secret ballots. The auditors maintain absolute secrecy until the moment the show’s presenters open the envelopes and reveal the winners on live television. See nominees HERE










Featured Artist

for the Month of February

Little Anthony


Featured Announcement

President Obama Announces


The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act will be carried out with full transparency and accountability -- and is the centerpiece of that effort. In a short video, President Obama describes


the site and talks about how you'll be able to track the Recovery Act's progress every step of the way.

Accountability and Transparency - This is your money. You have a right to know where it's going and how it's being spent. Learn what steps we're taking to ensure you can track our progress every step of the way. Learn more HERE




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February 20th Featured Column:

SBA Warns of Fraudulent Attempts to Obtain Bank Account Info


  Nevada Government

Senator Harry Reid
Weekly Update
On Tuesday, February 17, 2009, Senator Harry Reid addressed the Nevada State Bank Symposium for Small Business Owners about his work to help the state economy, specifically through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas........


  Nevada Government

Senator John Ensign
Ensign Votes No on So-Called Stimulus Bill
Senator John Ensign, Chairman of the Republican Policy Committee, voted against the so-called stimulus bill today (February 13, 2009) because it costs more than a trillion dollars when you add interest, reckless spending and little to help small businesses and homeowners.....

You Too
Can Help Our

  Nevada Government                
  Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
  Weekly Update

Calling the package an historic investment in Nevada and the nation, Congresswoman Shelley Berkley today voted to pass a broad economic stimulus package that will deliver tax relief to 95% of Americans, invest in clean energy and create millions of new jobs nationwide.  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act passed the House on a vote of 246 to 183......

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  Nevada Government

Congresswoman Dina Titus
Weekly Update
“Today, this Congress took bold action by passing an economic recovery plan that will create or save 3.5 million jobs across the country at a time when we face unprecedented economic challenges.......

  Nevada Government              

Department of Business and Industry
Weekly Update
Have an Issue with Your HOA? Learn Who Can Help at the next ‘Meet the Ombudsman’ Event ...


City of Henderson                
  Blood Donation Drive

Only one in 20 people regularly give blood. For every person in need of blood, the simple act of giving is heroic. Donating blood is safe, simple and saves lives. If you are 17 or older, weigh at least 110 pounds, have not donated in the past eight weeks (16 weeks for double red cell donors), and are healthy and not currently taking antibiotics, we welcome your blood donation. Each donor receives two movie tickets...........



  Politically Speaking               

Veterans Reporter
The Law Always the Absolute Law?
Several months ago I received an Email that made some very interesting comments about the law as it pertains to the separation of church and state........



  Politically Speaking

Veterans In Politics
Vets in Politics Municipal Candidate 2009 Endorsement Interview
The Veterans In Politics International is giving you an opportunity to see your candidates in our Candidate 2009 Endorsement Interview for the Cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder, and Mesquite.......


Politically Speaking

John Daly
When Being Non-Transparent May Help
This is a posting about the reality of our economic and banking situation. It comes from a reputable source you should mark as one of your favorites.........


  Monthly Horoscope
  Michele Avanti, CAP              
February '09 Horoscope            

How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time....

  2009 Astrological Outlook       

  Notes from Norm                         
  Norm Clarke
Weekly Wrap-Up 02-14-09 - 02-20-09
Spiaggia, Bartolotta's baby from 1991 to 2001, has been the favorite restaurant of President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama for some time. They've celebrated a number of special events there, including their wedding anniversaries........

  Vegas Wishes & Desert Dreams
  Robin Leach
Weekly Wishes and Dreams

It is absolutely amazing to listen to Danny Gans with your eyes closed: What he does is pure genius. When the extraordinary entertainer performs the Al Pacino monologue from Scent of a Woman, you’ll swear it’s the Oscar-winning actor himself in finest form.......



  Tony's 2 Cents
  Tony Curtis
  Burbank Autograph Show
I had a great time meeting fans and signing autographs at the Burbank Hollywood Collectors Show. I love to take a few minutes with each person, it makes me feel good to know how they have followed my career....


  The Mentalist
  Gerry McCambridge

Rest in Peace Marius
Today (February 10) was a tough day for our family. Our dog died. His name was Marius (named after a character the play Les Mis. We had him for 11 years......


  An Imperial Life
  Little Anthony
  This & That

I returned from a mini-tour which included Tampa, Cleveland, Nashville and Schenectady last night, President’s Day, the 17th.......



  Publisher's Favorite E-mails
  Marleen Marino

Incredible Statues


Some Incredible statues from around the world.....



  Jackie Brett
  Brett's Vegas View 02-20-09

The Playboy Club at the Palms has launched the Miss Playboy Club Model Search. Ladies who visit the Playboy Club can submit their names and non-nude photos......



Pete Allman
NBA All-Star Weekend and BlueWater Resort’s ‘MVP’
NBA Legend players, such as Magic Johnson and Jerome Williams, are more than ballers; they are givers, too. And other people, like the BlueWater Resort’s Marlene James deserve an ‘MVP’ title, too......……



Celebrity Chef Connection
The Brunch at Simon Restaurant and Lounge
Opened in April, 2008, Simon Restaurant and Lounge (as in Chef Kerry Simon) at Palms Place is surrounded with an incredible view of Red Rock canyon in the distance along with the glamour of the dramatic outdoor pool outdoors, accompanied by Chef Simon’s special touch with a gourmet menu and one of the best bars in town....




Tom Jones International
Sir Tom Jones at the Brit Awards
Saying, “From one Welsh person to another,” Sir Tom Jones gave Duffy her Brit for Outstanding British Album at the awards ceremony yesterday....



  Chick Hughes 
  This Week’s Beautiful Ladies with Charming Chick!
  See Chick with some gorgeous gals,....


Liberace Foundation
Pianist Philip Fortenberry & Special Guest Rebecca Spencer
The Liberace Foundation & Museum presents an intimate cabaret-style concert, “Liberace and Me,” featuring Composer & Pianist Philip Fortenberry from the cast of “Jersey Boys.”  Live piano performances.....


  Report on Vegas

Michael Politz
Week in Review
ABC Primetime’s “What Would You Do?” hosted by John Quinones recently spent four days filming at Las Vegas’ Hash House A Go Go restaurant.......


  Pet of the Week

Nevada SPCA 
Pet of the Week - February 20th
This week's Pet of the Week..



Your Latest Feedback!


Are You Kidding Me????

  2007 & 2008 Feedback!


  Poems, Odes and More

What Are You Packing???

  Something Of Substance
  Poem submitted

  The Upper Crust

Clair Zeto
Elite Speed Networking Luncheon
This is how to make good things happen fast! Held at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas, these luncheons provide an exclusive opportunity to meet other high-level professionals and make numerous strategic introductions while utilizing your valuable time effectively......


  Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary

Jill Curtis
Happy Days at Shiloh
Happy Days at Shiloh Horse Rescue Music Video. Turn up the volume and enjoy! 2/1/09.....


  Networking…Las Vegas Style

Sherial Bratcher
Networking Opportunity


Pampering is part of life, we all want it!  From the valet parking to the dealer, to the waitress and bartenders, it is interaction between people.  We want the best, sadly not everyone is on their top form!  In fact customer service is at such a low level, it sucks!  Help is here!......


  A Woman's Point of View

Cjay Judd
New York Post Chimp Cartoon
This cartoon likening the author of the stimulus bill, perhaps President Barack Obama, with a crazed chimpanzee appeared in the New York Post today. The blatant racial overtones of this cartoon are so obvious........


  Community Engagement

Tom Axtell
President Obama’s First Address To Congress
Vegas PBS provides live coverage of President Barack Obama’s first address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday, Feb. 24 during a special “The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer” broadcast on Vegas PBS Jackpot! Cox Cable channel 111 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m..........



From Parker's Pen
Las Vegas Black History: It Matters Now and Then 
During Black History Month, responsible media, educators and culturally conscious residents of Nevada and elsewhere make a concerted effort to print, broadcast, teach and learn about the trials and triumphs in the experience of American Blacks.........


  Our Diverse Community

Young Israel-Aish
A Message To All You Singles Out There


Rabbi Wyne talks about being single and what you need to do to get married.....




  Our Diverse Community

Las Vegas Kabbalah Centre
Weekly Insight
Beware the power of your words.  We are the sole conductors of our fate, and what we say has the ability to take our destinies in many directions........


  Our Diverse Community

Hispanic community
LCC Installation Luncheon


The Latin Chamber of Commerce cordially invites you to its Installation Luncheon on Friday, March 6, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino.

  SBA Warns of Fraudulent Attempts to Obtain Bank Account Info
  The U.S. Small Business Administration issued a scam alert today to small businesses, warning them not to respond to letters falsely claiming to have been sent by the SBA asking for bank account information in order to qualify them for federal tax rebates.....

  Healthy Water Connection
  Business is Booming!

This weekly Monday evening trainings are to ne held at the Healthy Water Connection.  They have been a huge success for those of us who are capitalizing on these weekly educational events........



The Best of "the Coach's" Poker
  Bob "The Coach" Ciaffone

It was not much different than the feeling you get when things are going bad at the poker table and you lose another pot......




Barack Obama DVD

Click Graphic above to learn more Click Graphic above to learn more




Aids Walk Las Vegas



Volunteers Needed to Help Foster Children with Disabilities in the School District

Orientation meeting on March 13 

Some of the most vulnerable children – foster children with disabilities – will soon be receiving extra help in school through the Surrogate Parent Initiative. Sponsored by the non­-profit Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada, the two-year-old program teaches volunteer adults to serve as student advocates during school meetings and for other education issues.

The majority of the surrogate parents’ time will be spent getting their student evaluated for special education services by writing letters, making phone calls and attending meetings with school personnel. Other responsibilities may include assistance related to academic progress, social issues, truancy problems, vocational training and graduation issues.

While teaching experience isn’t necessary and volunteers don’t have to be parents, interested adults must attend an orientation meeting. It will be held Friday, March 13 from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at the Sunbelt Antique & Classic Auto Museum, located at 1424 Gragson Ave. To attend or for more information, email [email protected] or call 386-1070, ext. 140.


Fundraising Dinner to Benefit Nevada Cancer Intitute




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Two sets of tickets for two


to see Barry Manilow


"Music and Passion Concert"




at the Las Vegas Hilton


Get Up and Go’s own Larry Tyler


is proud to sponsor a


Hawaii Island Hopper Holiday


 5 days and 4 nights in a tropical, Hawaiian paradise , with the added flexibility of seven-day check in


A $1,160 value. (airfare not included)

  St. Thomas Island Hopper  
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Weekly Giveaway

Legends in Concert
at the Imperial Palace


Stephanie Guo

Jay White

at the Riviera

Toni Grant


Gerry McCambridge
at Hooters
Sany Khan

Barbra & Frank
at the Riviera 
Bobby Brooks Hamilton

Country Superstars
at Fitzgerald's
Robin Pyne

The Soprano's Last Supper
at the Riviera 
Patty Spelman
Larry J. Jones
at the Royal Resort Hotel
Richnond Garrett
Liberace Museum
Located in the Liberace Plaza
Sora Iooq

Stars of Magic
at the Royal Resort Hotel
Tommy Moore

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