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Theme for May- Spring & Love

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  Sunday May 11th is Mother's Day.

The Mother's Day holiday, in the United States, celebrates motherhood generally and the positive contributions of mothers to society. It falls on the second Sunday of each May. It is the result of a campaign by Anna Marie Jarvis (1864-1948), who, following the death of her mother on May 9, 1905, devoted her life to establishing Mother's Day as a national, and later an international, holiday.

The "Mother's Day" anti-war observances was founded by Julia Ward Howe in 1872. Click HERE to learn more about that.




Featured Artist

for the Month: May

George Wallace


Featured Announcement:

Go Green Update


On Wednesday May 7th David Hassenzahl, the Chair of the Environment Studies Department at UNLV presented Andrea Redmond president of the Sierra Student Coalition (S.S.C.), a student organization at UNLV that focuses on environmental issues facing S. Nevada and the world, a gift certificate at their departmental poster session at the Barrick Museum Lobby on the UNLV Campus. Click HERE to see photos, and below is the video from the afternoon.

Thanks again to the Green family who “Forwarded” their prize.






VCO is proud to Welcome Our Newest Weekly Giveaway


The Soprano's Last Supper

Starting Next Week

Join Tony, Sil', Paulie, Uncle Jun', Dr. Melfri and all your favorite characters for a high impact and hilarious spoof of the hit cable series.

It's 90 minutes of fast paced entertainment complete with live singers, sing-a-longs, dancing and some special interactive scenes where you can be part of the fun!


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Co-Columns of the Week:
What's Going On
Community & Defending Freedom Donates to our Military

  Nevada Government                    
  Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons
Weekly Update
  Governor Jim Gibbons announced a proposal for a tax amnesty program designed to increase state revenue by collecting delinquent taxes and bringing additional businesses into the state’s tax system........

  Nevada Government              
  Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
  Weekly Update

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley is urging President Bush to reverse his opposition to a new GI Bill that will provide full college scholarships to returning service members.....

You Too
Can Help Our

  Nevada Government         
  Senator Harry Reid
Strengthening Our Economy
Everybody is feeling the pinch of our weakening economy.  Gas prices, the cost of groceries, and air travel prices are all spiraling out of control. This hits Nevada’s working families hard, and it is also having an impact on our state’s economy, which relies so heavily on tourism.  I’ve introduced three pieces of legislation to address these problems.....

  Nevada Government              
  Senator John Ensign
Weekly Update
“The time has come to end this blank check policy,” Ensign and ten senators wrote to the President.  “To address this problem, we are working on legislation that will require many of these costs to be provided in the form of a loan.”.....

  City of North Las Vegas          
  Happenings and News
City Revels In Tastes & Tunes - North Las Vegas Neighborhood Recreation Center Presents 6th Annual Multi-Cultural Celebration - North Las Vegas Neighborhood Reinvents Itself.....

  Presidential Candidates        
  Senator Hillary R. Clinton       
Senator Clinton Town Hall event on This Week (5/4/08)

This Week with George Stephanopoulos conducts a Town Meeting with Hillary Clinton.....


  Presidential Candidates      
  Barack Obama      
  Senator Obama on "Meet the Press"

Senator Obama on "Meet the Press 05/04 for the full hour....


  Presidential Candidates          
  John McCain
Senator McCain on Health Care
In Florida, John McCain Outlined His Plan For Health Care Reform. John McCain believes we can and must provide access to health care for every American. He has proposed a comprehensive vision for achieving that. For too long, our nation's leaders have talked about reforming health care....


  Politically Speaking                
  John Daly
Recession: What’s In A Word?
This is a posting on the semantics of whether we’re in a Recession or not and remembering a tune from the 1970s even more applicable today. Who cares? Either way, a Recession or downturn stinks for most of us........


  Politically Speaking                
  Sergeant Deborah Galan
What's Going On
On a day of one of our memorials a lot of boxes filled with girl scout cookies and whole bean coffee arrived for me to distribute among the soldiers......


  Politically Speaking                   
  Defending Freedom
Community & Defending Freedom Donates to our Military
On April 26, 2008, the Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada and DefendingFreedom.Net sent out 11,220 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to Iraq and Afghanistan.....


  Politically Speaking                
  Nevada Center for Public Ethics
Annual Town Hall Meeting
The Nevada Center for Public Ethics (NCPE) is holding its annual Town Hall Meeting on June 28, 2008, at 10 AM  at the Clark County Flamingo Library, at 1401 E. Flamingo.  Please join us.  Our topic of discussion will be "What Our Legislators Do and What Role Ethics Plays."........


  Politically Speaking            
  Center for Strategic Analysis
A Special Plea Is Made To Rep. Sue Myrick
USG should not feed the notion that America is engaged in a broad struggle against the so-called "Muslim World."… Collapsing all terrorist organizations into a single enemy feeds the narrative that al-Qaeda represents Muslims worldwide.....

  Monthly Horoscope              
  Michele Avanti, CAP              
May '08 Horoscope
                 2008 Astrological Outlook

How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time....



  Notes from Norm     
  Norm Clarke
Weekly Wrap-Up 5-03-08 - 5-09-08

Barbara Walters and her sidekicks on "The View" are returning to Las Vegas next month to do a week's worth of shows over three days, June 23, 24 and 25.....


  Vegas Wishes & Desert Dreams        
  Robin Leach
Weekly Wishes and Dreams

I’m reliably told that a former girlfriend of 63-year-old Governor Jim Gibbons is at the heart of his current divorce case with attractive wife of 22 years, Dawn Gibbons. Allegedly they were more than friends years ago, but broke up when both went off to marry others......


  Poems, Odes and More   

Shame Shame VCO                            

  Poem submitted
Visit VCO's
For Daily

  May Photos 

Newest photos submitted this week                          


These are Incredible


Migrating Hummingbirds


  Publisher's Favorite E-mails            
  Marleen Marino
This will either blow your mind or open your eyes….
An Engineering Masterpiece -  During the construction phase...... Dubai, United Arab Emirates........



Stephen Sorrentino
The Producers Seat
For a change, I actually get to step off the stage and look at the nuts and bolts of what make up a good show and direct it from the audiences point of view.....



  Jackie Brett
  Brett's Vegas View 05-09-08

Every so often in theater, all the creative elements come into a miraculous alignment that results in pure magic.  After experiencing the brilliantly staged, fast-paced production, you understand the show's phenomenal success since it opened its run on Broadway three years ago.......



Victoria Alexander
Viewpoint on Vegas: May 09, 2008
You must ask kindergarten questions if you want a star to look directly at you for 30 seconds. New York Daily News columnist Jo Piazza wrote: “You the 'Man' now, Downey.” “Now that Robert Downey Jr…......

  The Jersey Boys                              
  Jersey Boys at Palazzo. BRILLIANT!  I loved every minute of it. You will not see this show only once....

  Adele "Z. Z." Zorn   

More Entertainment Tidbits


Awesome is the best word to describe the new production in the new Jersey Boys Showroom at THE PALAZZO. The performers are absolute perfection in their portrayal of Frankie Valli and his original group that eventually became the Four Seasons.  The show has wonderful music, comedy, pathos, and is a wonderful evening of entertainment.....



Celebrity Chef Connection
Trevi Italian Restaurant At The Forum Shops At Caesars
Earlier this year, TREVI Italian Restaurant at The Forum Shops at Caesars celebrated its first anniversary.  It is a truly a combination of Old World charm, incredible architecture, quality dining and delightful cocktails.........

  Ideas for Mother's Day                
  Morton’s The Steakhouse, The Liberace Museum and Foundation, Louis’s Las Vegas and Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar....


Pete Allman
Stars Rave Over “Jersey Boys”
Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons phenomena is captured in a hit production, “Jersey Boys” begins a successful run on the Las Vegas Strip.

  The Soprano's Last Supper

A great night out in Vegas would include a lively cast of characters in a splendid comedy show, complete with one of the best Italian dinners on the Strip.

  Songwriters’ Awarded at ASCAP’s “I Create Music Expo”
  ASCAP’s “I Create Music Expo” drew more than 3,000 participants.


Xania Woodman               
The Latest From The Circuit
"Very classy, very sexy," says Masters of her Vanity Wednesday, set to be bestowed upon a "preferred" list of locals on May 14. The post-prime time, late-night party will kick-off at 1 a.m. weekly in the Chandelier Room with a house music format, bringing back those old school party vibes of yore in conjunction with the team at Cathouse Loungerie......



Liberace Foundation
Liberace Foundation Appoints R. Darin Hollingsworth As President
According to Board Chair Jeffrey Koep, Hollingsworth’s leadership, passion, expertise for creating awareness and forging community partnerships is a tremendous asset in helping to grow Foundation memberships, visitors to the Museum and ultimately build upon the Liberace brand, even reaching a newer, younger audience.....



Chick Hughes

  This Weeks Lovely Ladies with Chick!
  See Chick with some gorgeous gals....

  Pet of the Week                            

Nevada SPCA 
Pet of the Week - May 9th
This week's Pet of the Week..

  Lancelot is still Available
  It's harder to find any living being any cuter than this sweetheart.  Lancelot is a young pot-bellied pig, neutered male, less than a year of age.

  The Vegas Eye                     
  The Vegas Eye             
The Latest From the EYE
Word on the street is that Mindfreak’s Criss Angel has parted ways with beautiful Miss  Nevada USA Veronica Grabowski and taken up with a new young stunner – seen in local nightclubs such as LAX....

  Marketing & Promotions for Small Businesses            

Mary Ann Butcher
It’s All For A Good Cause – Marketing Non Profit Organizations
The art of marketing for non-profit organization is a different “animal” than marketing for big corporations, services or government.  That is – in part – because non profits are seeking relationships......


  Weddings in Vegas                   

Joni Moss
Weddings Can Be Done at the Beautiful Scenic Backdrop
Las Vegas is known for its "Chapel" weddings but there is so much more here! Not many locals realize the jewels of the desert…...


  Our Diverse Community                 

Las Vegas Kabbalah Centre
Monthly Insight
We know that prayer has the power to alter negative situations. For instance, if a person is very ill, through the power of prayer they can be healed. The question is, how to pray?.....


  Our Diverse Community         

Young Israel-Aish
What's LOVE got to do with it?

  Rabbi Wyne gives insight on loving ourselves in order to love others....


The Best of "the Coach's" Poker           
  Bob "The Coach" Ciaffone
  Time to Learn Mixed Games Ladies!

With the poker boom of the past several years, women have been entering the sport through Texas Holdem.  If you started playing before 2000, you may have been hard pressed to find a Texas Holdem game!.......




City of Las Vegas

Helldorado Parade

Downtown Parade Route

Saturday, May 17 - 7:00 to 10:00 pm

4th Street to
(Evening Parade)  Gass to Fremont Street Experience




Consciousness Expo


On Saturday, May 10, 2008 At 09:00 AM the Consciousness Expo is a meeting of like-minds and a place where you can get connected with a myriad people who are using various methodologies in healing, growth and insights. These are diverse groups people who have decided to come together in support of others with resources and guidance. There will be seven (7) speakers with various topics to offer the public. Come and join us! Come and share with us! Admission is $3.00. Children under 16 years of age free. $5.00 two for one. LaQuinta Inn and Airport Suites 3290 Paradise Road


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Two tickets to see


Barry Manilow


"Music and Passion Concert"


at the Las Vegas Hilton


Get Up and Go’s own Larry Tyler is proud to sponsor a

Hawaii Island Hopper Holiday

 5 days and 4 nights in a tropical, Hawaiian paradise  , with the added flexibility of seven-day check in

A $1,160 value.

(airfare not included)

  "Dinner for 2" at Benihana   
  "Dinner for 2" at TJ's Steakhouse    
  at the Las Vegas Hilton  

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All That Glitters is Not Gold

Admit or Not, It's the Truth 

By: Delilah

By: Merrie Kerrie

$100 Gift Certificate from the $100 Gift Certificate from
 Bella Vita Studio   Jazzee's Boutique
2827 Paradise Road
(702) 732-9700

Theme for May- Spring & Love

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Weekly Giveaway

Legends in Concert
at the Imperial Palace
WINNER Robin Pullen

The Scintas

at the Las Vegas Hilton

WINNER  Lenora Kaplan


Jay White

at the Riviera

WINNER Michelle Corbett

Bobby Slayton
at Hooters
WINNER Phyllis Spagnola

Gerry McCambridge
at Hooters
WINNER  Rhonda DiGennaro

Barbra & Frank
at the Riviera 
WINNER Shirley Walker

Country Superstars
at Fitzgerald's
WINNER Michelle Miller

Defending the Caveman
 at the Golden Nugget
WINNER Rebecca Olschewski
“Beatles Tribute:
 4 Lads from Liverpool”
 at the Four Queens
WINNER Lily Kwan
Liberace Museum
Located in the Liberace Plaza
WINNER Keith Schoenherr

Gazillion Bubble Show
 at the Steve Wyrick Theatre
WINNER Juana Shelton

Starting Next Week

The Soprano's Last Supper
at the Riviera 
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