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World No Tobacco Day is tomorrow May 31st. Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world. It is the only legal consumer product that kills one third to one half of those who use it as intended by its manufacturers, with its victims dying


on average 15 years prematurely.  Approximately 1.8 billion young people (aged 10-24) live in our world today with more than 85% found in developing countries. Having survived the vulnerable childhood period, these young people are generally healthy.  However, as the tobacco industry intensifies its efforts to hook new, young and potentially life-long tobacco users, the health of a significant percentage of the world's youth is seriously threatened by their deadly products. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance and child and adolescent experimentation can easily lead to a lifetime of tobacco dependence.



Featured Artist

for the Month: June

Criss Angel


Featured Announcement:

Don't Trash Nevada Day





VCO is proud to Welcome Our Newest Columnist

"Points to Ponder" with Karen Jill Benzer


As an American and a native Nevadan I have a perspective of Las Vegas that  many newcomers are not aware of.  In this column I am going to share how old Las Vegas looked from the perspective of a child growing up in the 1970's. 

On the political side, I will site historical events that mirror current events which are impacting the impending presidential election. As Americans we must re-calculate the direction of the United States. To accomplish this we must be willing to see our government and our citizens clearly. We must be willing to set the success bar remarkably higher for the betterment of our country as well as for our suffering world.  


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Columns of the Week:

We must bring the GI Bill back... and do it now


  Nevada Government                 
  Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons
Weekly Update
  The Legislature’s Interim Finance Committee today approved 4.5 percent, across-the-board cuts to the current state budget to help meet the state’s ongoing revenue shortfall..........

  Nevada Government         
  Senator Harry Reid
Preventing Suicide Among America’s Military Heroes
Recent reports suggest that as many as 18 veterans a day commit suicide, with some studies indicating that the risk of suicide among male veterans is double that of the general population......
You Too
Can Help Our

  Nevada Government          
  Congresswoman Shelley Berkley
  Weekly Update

Berkley Urges Nevadans To Sign Petition To NRC Opposing Yucca Mountain License and Berkley Salutes Dedication Of America’s Military Forces and Veterans On Memorial Day......


  City of North Las Vegas          
  "All That Jazz" A Jazz Concert & More
The City of North Las Vegas Parks & Recreation Department is proud to announce the schedule of the City's Starlite Music Series presented by the Aliante Master Community Association, Grace Point Church, and Southwest Airlines......

  Presidential Candidates      
  Senator Hillary R. Clinton       
Why Hillary Is The Strongest Candidate

Hillary lays out the case for why she is the strongest candidate to put together a winning coalition and beat John McCain in the Fall......


  Presidential Candidates       
  Barack Obama      
  Barack Obama on Memorial Day

Barack Obama speaks on Memorial Day....


  Presidential Candidates     
  John McCain
Weekly Update
As president, John McCain would protect American businesses through free trade agreements and worker assistance programs. He recognizes that exports are essential to American workers and employers across our nation.....


  Politically Speaking              
  Sergeant Deborah Galan
Wowerful! Sexplosive!
I had the pleasure of a chance introduction with Sarah, Jessie, Amanda, and Peyton, as well as a coordinator for the Minnesota Viking’s Cheerleaders as they stood in line for chow at the DFAC.......


  Politically Speaking          
  John Daly
TV Review: John Adams and Politics Today
I finally saw the HBO mini-series John Adams. It’s fabulous. Rent it or record it. Better yet, read the book by David McCullough.........


  Politically Speaking            
  Democratic Party
You’re Invited
We also have a full slate of fantastic candidates for State Senate and Assembly running in the district. We are a mere one seat away from a veto-proof majority in the State Assembly. Further, we are one seat away from taking control of the State Senate.....


  Legally Speaking            
  Bob Massi            
Housing Boom Boomerangs on Vulnerable Homeowners

With mortgage rates rising, home prices falling and consumers hampered by more credit card, auto and bank debt than ever, there has never been a more fertile time for scams that target homeowners.



  Monthly Horoscope           
  Michele Avanti, CAP              
June '08 Horoscope
                 2008 Astrological Outlook

How to Use This Column: As you read your sun and moon sign, you will note each section is broken into Focus, Test, Key & Action. Focus defines what you will find yourself focused on during this time....



  Notes from Norm         
  Norm Clarke
Weekly Wrap-Up 5-24-08 - 5-30-08

Jerry Springer, the host of NBC's "America's Got Talent," told Jacobs that Terry Fator's megacontract at The Mirage has taken the NBC show to "the next level. People really want to win this now," after seeing Fator land a reported $100 million deal..........


  Vegas Wishes & Desert Dreams        
  Robin Leach
Weekly Wishes and Dreams

Master illusionists Siegfried & Roy have returned safely to Vegas from a medical trip to Austria where Roy Horn underwent knee surgery. It was an accelerated knee surgery and was successful.....

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  American Idol

Where to Buy Gas - That's Not from OPEC


Is Life Just A Bowl Of Cherries

  Bob Wins the Lottery

  May Photos      

Photos for 5/30                        

  Pearl Harbor Photos  INCREDIBLE!

Transparent Butterfly


Bunnies +++

  Striped Icebergs

  Poems, Odes and More   


  Poem submitted


  Publisher's Favorite E-mails       
  Marleen Marino
  All About Kids
What Is The Right Age To Get Married?  No age is good to get married at. You got to be a fool to get married. Freddie, age 6 (very wise for his age)........


  Kid Cary
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal CRAP
Can a movie mirror our times?  Did Casablanca give us a sense of World War II?  Does Easy Rider symbolize The Sixties?  Is Dr. Strangelove the Cold War?  Arguably movies were the art form of the 20th Century.  Now of course, this is the 21st Century, and maybe movies are still a mirror of our times, but less an art form...


  Jackie Brett
  Brett's Vegas View 05-30-08

The Flamingo will present the legendary Minneapolis funk band, The Time. These exclusive performances mark the first time the original band members have performed together in 18 years, following their acclaimed appearance at this year's Grammy Awards......



Victoria Alexander
Viewpoint on Vegas: May 30, 2008
People started lining up four hours before the reading. The mob had overflowed to capacity forcing fans to watch the reading on a closed-circuit monitor in the library's basement.......



Celebrity Chef Connection 
Pahrump Valley Winery and Symphony’s at the Winery
In 1990, The Pahrump Winery opened for business to the amazement of some and the disbelief of others.  At that time, Pahrump was a dusty little town with a brothel and not much else.......



Pete Allman
Benzer Benefits Autism Foundation and More
In addition to great places and interesting people, Las Vegas offers charitable events and youth-oriented programs for a stronger community. Benzer Autism Foundation and the Miss Black USA Pageant are two examples…..



Bea Fogelman 
We must bring the GI Bill back... and do it now  Crossover column
Now we have many young Veterans on the streets; no money to attend school and no money to buy a house......



Xania Woodman               
The Latest From The Circuit
Blonde-haired and blue-eyed Raw Vegas TV entertainment reporter Denise Pernula was the picture of tan, toned, sun-kissed perfection when her trouble started......



Vudu Spellz          
Power 88
Hey what’s up hip hop column readers. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve published a column but your man has been very busy and occupied with positive endeavors.....


  Chick Hughes
  This weeks Picks for Chick's Chicks
  See Chick with some gorgeous gals....

  Pet of the Week              

Nevada SPCA 
Pet of the Week - May 30th
This week's Pet of the Week..


  The Vegas Eye            
  The Vegas Eye             
The Latest From the EYE
Monti Rock III, the King of Disco, sometime singer, actor, dancer, cabaret performer, celebrity hairstylist, fashion designer and author, turned 70 this weekend. Happy Birthday, Monti!...


Diabetic Life Foundation
Why We Do What We Do
As with anything, there is always a certain amount of risk involved with everything we do in life. Living with diabetes certainly has its risks, so we don't need anyone else adding to it.....


  Our Diverse Community             

Las Vegas Kabbalah Centre
Weekly Insight
Did you see Evan Almighty? Cute movie. The basic message was we can change the world with small acts of random kindness. I couldn't think of a more kabbalistic message......


  Our Diverse Community               

Young Israel-Aish


Rabbi Wyne shares insight on how we can attain peace with ourselves by sharing with others......



  Computer Talk                       

My Secure PC
Become Your Own Identity Theft Monitor
You can do almost everything credit monitoring services do, for free, but it will require some time and effort.....


The Best of "the Coach's" Poker           
  Bob "The Coach" Ciaffone
  Playing a Rush

The psychology of the situation. It seems to be a generally accepted poker axiom that when you are "on a rush" (catching a lot of winning hands in a short time period), you are supposed to take advantage of this nice situation by altering your play.....




Jazz in the Park

The 18-Piece Woody Woods Orchestra Featuring vocalist, Kathleen ‘Kat’ Ray & special guest, Sophia Lelis with 18 of the finest Jazz Musicians in Las Vegas -May 31, 2008, at 8p.m. - Seating for those with picnic baskets, blankets and low-back chairs will begin at 7 p.m. Food vendors also will be available on site. Admission & Parking are both free! Clark County Amphitheater, 500 S. Grand Central Parkway. Produced by the Clark County Parks and Recreation Department, and co-sponsored by the Las Vegas Jazz Society.

More info: Call 455-8200, or visit





  6th Annual Celebration for Women  
  Rainbow Company Youth Theatre  

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 5 days and 4 nights in a tropical, Hawaiian paradise  , with the added flexibility of seven-day check in

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Legends in Concert
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WINNER Ruta Jasiukaitis

The Scintas

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WINNER Miranda Utzman


Jay White

at the Riviera

WINNER Kristie Pitman

Bobby Slayton
at Hooters
WINNER Sabrina Der O'Hanessian

Gerry McCambridge
at Hooters
WINNER Michelle Underwood

Barbra & Frank
at the Riviera 
WINNER Bruce Souvanna

Country Superstars
at Fitzgerald's

Defending the Caveman
 at the Golden Nugget
WINNER Mary Sue Johnson
“Beatles Tribute:
 4 Lads from Liverpool”
 at the Four Queens
WINNER Cenda Rinehart
Liberace Museum
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WINNER Mike Fryer

The Soprano's Last Supper
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WINNER Moe Elousta  

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