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October 3rd Featured Co-columns:

$50 Mammograms Available to Uninsured Nevada Women

Stand Out Above The Crowd


October 10th Featured Column:

Crime Prevention Month


October 17th Featured Column:

A Little Bit New York and a Little Bit Vegas


October 24th Featured Co-columns:

Email Scam Alert

Beware of Online Phone Listing Scam


October 31st Featured Co-columns:

Layoff Children’s Futures

Are We There Yet?

Time To Get RIP’d


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Nevada Government
Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons   Weekly Updates
    Governor’s Letter to Chancellor James Rogers
    Governor Encourages Work With B of A To Assist NV Homeowners
    Weekly Updates
    Weekly Updates
    Governor Hosts Housing Recovery Task Force
Senator Harry Reid   EPA’s Weak Radiation Standard For Yucca Mountain
    Ensign, Reid Announce Final Contract for S. Nevada VA Hospital
    Weekly Updates
    Reid, Goodman, Ross Tour L V Neighborhood Foreclosures
Senator John Ensign   Ensign Testifies On Dangers Of Yucca Mountain
    Obama And Pelosi Divided Over Investment In Clean Energy
    Ensign Votes To Provide Tax Relief
    Ensign Urges Feds To Stop Payments To Acorn
    Weekly Updates
    Weekly Updates
Congresswoman Shelley Berkley   Berkley Votes To Extend Tax Relief For Nevada Families
    NV AG Right to Challenge Flawed Yucca Mtn. Radiation Standards
    Berkley Backing Swift Action on New Recovery Package
Department of Business and Industry   Ombudsman Honored by Latin Chamber
    Beware of Online Phone Listing Scam
    Homeowners: Be Informed about Foreclosure Consulting Services
    Las Vegas Government 
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police   LVMPD Armor
    Crime Prevention Month
    Siegfried & Roy Team Up With The LV Police
    Take A Stand Campaign- Teen Violence Video
    October 11th Robbery
Depart. of Planning & Development   Learn About Latest Revisions to City Of Las Vegas Codes and Plans
    City of North Las Vegas
    Pink Fire Truck Rolls into Town
    City Receives International Recognition
    City Councilman and Councilwoman Hold Town Hall Meetings
    North Las Vegas Scares Up Some Halloween Fun
    City of Henderson
    Shakespeare in the Park
    Presidential Candidates
Barack Obama   Vice Presidential Debate
    Blueprint for Change: Ethics
    3rd Presidential Debate
    Barack Obama at the Al Smith Memorial Dinner
    Obama on the Road
    An Invitation from Barack Obama
    The Issues
    Another Invitation from Barack Obama
John McCain   Vice Presidential Debate
    Homeownership Resurgence Plan
    3rd Presidential Debate
    John McCain at Al Smith Memorial Dinner
    Why John McCain
    The Issues
    Politically Speaking
Democratic Party   Events and Info
John Daly   Who and What To Believe? Or Just Ignore Them?
    Living History: The First Info Age Election
Center for Strategic Analysis   Know Your Enemy - Seminar 4 on Terrorism  A Friendly Reminder
Johnathan L. Abbinett   The Beginning of “The End”
    Dina Titus Best Bet For Vets
Karen Jill Benzer   New Rule
Veterans In Politics   Veterans In Politics Vote PSA
     VIP Wegner Endorsement
    Time To Get RIP’d
Sergeant Deborah Galan    International Proudly Endorses Question 5 for our child's future
    Monthly Horoscope
Michele Avanti, CAP   October '08 Horoscope
    2008 Astrological Outlook
    November '08 Horoscope
    Notes from Norm
Norm Clarke   Weekly Wrap-Up 9-27-08 - 10-03-08
    Weekly Wrap-Up 10-04-08 - 10-10-08
    Weekly Wrap-Up 10-11-08 - 10-17-08
    Weekly Wrap-Up 10-18-08 - 10-24-08
    Weekly Wrap-Up 10-25-08 - 10-31-08
    Vegas Wishes & Desert Dreams
Robin Leach   Weekly Wishes and Dreams
Weekly Wishes and Dreams
Weekly Wishes and Dreams
Weekly Wishes and Dreams
Weekly Wishes and Dreams
The Hundred Million Dollar Voice
Terry Fator Wanna Know What’s Going On?
Hello From Syracuse!
An Imperial Life 
Little Anthony A Little Bit New York and a Little Bit Vegas
I'm Back
    Dreams, Dreams, Dreams
    Frederick's Facts & More 
John Fredericks   LJ Turns 15 Months
The Mentalist  
Gerry McCambridge The Horses' Mouth
    Ask Gennifer with a G 
Gennifer Flowers   Thoughts From a Lipstick Republican
    Publisher's Favorite E-mails   
Marleen Marino   On Aging
    Mothers come in all colors
    Dogs and Cats
    How Long Does It Take To Paint a Feather?
    Kitties Rock: Phases of Work
    Arts and Entertainment
Victoria Alexander   Week of October 03, 2008
    Week of October 10, 2008  
    Week of October 17, 2008  
    Jeff McBride’s “Magic at the Edge” at The Palace Station
    Week of October 24, 2008
    Week of October 31, 2008
Pete Allman   Sushisamba Sugarcane Excites the Senses
    Hoodie Awards Honor Unsung Community Heroes
    Alexandre Safonov’s Phoenix, the Freedom Horse
    Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall Touch of the Old West
    Bionic Tonic, an All-natural, High-energy Drink
    Jerry’s Famous Coffee Shop: A Las Vegas Tradition
    Anthony Wilson Adds to Real Estate Value
Jackie Brett   Brett's Vegas View 10-03-08
    Brett's Vegas View 10-10-08
    Brett's Vegas View 10-17-08
    Brett's Vegas View 10-24-08
    Brett's Vegas View 10-31-08
Kid Cary   Hot & Tricky
Celebrity Chef Connection   Showcase 2008
    New Fall Line Up for Vegas PBS     Bonus column
    M Resort, Spa and Casino    Bonus column
    FrightDome                          Bonus column
    Texas de Brazil Churrascaria
    Lavo Restaurant Premieres At The Palazzo Las Vegas
Bea Fogelman   Remembering Vince Lombardi
Chick Hughes   This Week with Chick at Lavo
    The Miss  Hawaiian Tropic Zone Pageant
    This Week, Chick Goes To The "Blue Martini "
    Playboy Mexican Magazine Search
    Rick's Cabaret Press Party!
Opera Las Vegas   Opera Classics Concert
Carol Lane Patterson   Righteous Kill
    Eagle Eye
    Fly Me To The Moon
    Nights in Rodanthe
Chuck Rounds   Las Vegas Entertainment News October 2008
The Valley News Team   Fashionably Fall
    Blues by the Bay
Xania Woodman   The Latest From The Circuit
Adele "Z. Z." Zorn   Old Time Reunion Party
    Entertainment Tidbits October 2008
Liberace Foundation   “Liberace and Me” Cabaret Performance
    The Vegas Eye
The Vegas Eye   The Latest From the EYE
    The Latest From the EYE
    The Latest From the EYE
    The Latest From the EYE
    The Latest From the EYE
    PrinciPessa pets 
PrinciPessa pets   Join Us... 
    Pet of the Week
Nevada SPCA   Pet of the Week - October 3rd
    Pet of the Week - October 10th
    Pet of the Week - October 17th
    Pet of the Week - October 24th
    Pet of the Week - October 31st
Your Latest Feedback!   Be Aware When you Vote
    Bush in Drag
    Anita Hill, Sarah Palin & Hillary Clinton  
    Farewell Paul
    Mommy's Busy
    McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

Don't let them insult your intelligence

    The Sarah Palin Pity Party
    John McCain: Negative Attack Ads Show You Have No Vision
    Keating Five
    The Obama Channel
    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
    Palin's Qualifications
    You Gotta Have A Gimmick
    Countdown: Special Comment Oct. 14, 2008
    Palin vindicated?
    Kids' Poll Predicts President!
    Substance Over Style
    A Good Source of Information
    What if?
    Hmmmmmmm? November can't come soon enough!
    It Just Keeps Getting Better & Better, What's Next?
    I am Not a Lesbian - I am Not a Reader
    Will the REAL Governor Palin Please Stand Up! (Princess Palin)
    If you love this country you MUST see this
    Sarah Palin: Soccer Mom, Joe-Six Pack or Haute Couture Wearer?
    Please Sarah
    Voting? Consider This
    There Everywhere
    Battle of Sarah Palin
    Leave Sarah Alone
    Joe the Plumber, Meyer the Buyer, Benny the Bagel Man
    What is a Billion?
    Palin, The Aerial Hunter
    Ron Howard, Henry Winkler & Andy Griffith Support OBAMA!!!
    So What?
    Poems, Odes and More 
    Lord How Do I Sound To You
    By My Example
    You Made Your Mistakes
    Trying so hard not to cry
    My Bumper
    The Tax Poem
    Hobgoblins, Witches and Ghosts
    Hot Tips for Cool Investors   
Barry Goren   Are We There Yet?
    Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
Jill Curtis   It all started out as a great day
    The Shiloh Zoo
    Pahrump Girl Scouts Visit Shiloh!
    Meanwhile, back at Shiloh
    A Beautiful Day, Warm and Clear
    The Upper Crust
Clair Zeto   Monthly Networking Mixer
    Elite Speed Networking Luncheon
    Marketing & Promotions for Small Businesses 
Mary Ann McQueen Butcher   Stand Out Above The Crowd
    Networking…Las Vegas Style
Sherial Bratcher   Upcoming Events
    Career Curator   
Paul Carpino   How to Apply for Job Online, the Right Way
    Transition Services  
Transition Services    Special-Needs Artists Thank American Troops
    Opportunity Village 
Opportunity Village   Tony Orlando to Perform Benefit Concert
    Opportunity Village Fall Craft Fair & Flea Market
    Spread the Word Nevada
Spread the Word Nevada   Kids to Kids Distributes One Millionth Book
    Blind Center of Nevada
Blind Center of Nevada   Blind Center October Events
    Las Vegas VisionWalk
    Eye Care Information Expo for Local Professionals
    A Women's Point of View  
C.J. Judd   A Few Things You Should Know
    Sarah Palin's Anti-American organization and "That One"
    This Week
    Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama
    Astronaut Sally Ride Endorses Obama-Biden & Are you Better Off
Anthony and Brandon Gallion   Layoff Children’s Futures
    Feng Shui Tips   
Consy Malasoma   Recession –Proof Your Life Using Feng Shui
    Our Diverse Community
Las Vegas Kabbalah Centre   Monthly Insight
    Weekly Insight
    Weekly Insight
    Weekly Insight
    Weekly Insight
Young Israel-Aish   Rosh Hashanah
    Yom Kippur-How will you overcome your mistakes?
    A Sweet Sukkos Party at Young Israel Aish Las Vegas
    The ONE Who Listens
    The Garden of Eden
Las Vegas LaVoce   Spirit of Adventure
Sin City Chamber of Commerce   Upcoming Events
    Search For Sin City’s Devil Girl
    Women's Chamber of Commerce
June Beland   Candidates Night
    5th Annual Athena Awards
Nevada Cancer Institute   $50 Mammograms Available to Uninsured Nevada Women
    NCI Researcher Awarded Highly Competitive DOD Grant
    9th Annual Halloween Run
Smith Plastic Surgery Institute   Liposuction
Medicine Cabinet   How it Works
    Computer Talk   
    Email Scam Alert
    A current list of Hotmail scams making their rounds
    In This Corner   
Pete Allman   Dawson and Klitschko uplift boxing
    Ms. Poker     
Susie Isaacs   A Poker Warm and Fuzzy
    Ladies Daze
    I Promise from Henceforth ...
    The Boo Party
    The Week Before Halloween
    The Best of "the Coach's" Poker
Bob "The Coach" Ciaffone   My First World Series of Poker
    Playing on Instinct
    My Favorite Bluffs
    Big Mistakes



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